FOLKS ARE WE REALLY A FREE NATION???? I mean you have got to be kidding me.  Here is the most absurd governmental bull&%$# I have ever read about natural food.

Rather than keeping the illegal aliens from crossing the borders, or stopping terrorists from blowing stuff up, or keeping the drunk drivers off the roads, or cutting down the drugs in this country, the feds are more concerned with stopping a hard working natural AMISH farm from delivering raw milk across the pennsylvania line.  This is what America is turning into folks. It is an absolute shame.  I predict that by the year 2020 our natural food sources will be gone forever and we will all be dependent on processed, mutated, preservative ridden, poisoned, chemically enhanced food.  I am very upset about this.

The FDA allows poison factories (dunkin donuts, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, Taco Bell, etc.) to sell their products to millions of Americans a year and this IS NOT A CRIME??? For the record more people (millions) have gotten sick, developed cancer, and have died from coronary heart disease from eating from fast food places.  Only a hand full of people over the past 100 years have developed a bacterial related disease from drinking raw milk.  Yet, the FDA approves the poisoning  of food from food companies and fast food establishments, and that is o.k..

I wrote “diet EARTH” for this reason.  The amount of poison that is in our food supply is amazing to me.  I went to the grocery store the other day and I found only 30 foods that were consumable. Consumable meaning, without additives, preservatives, synthetic chemicals, bleach, enhanced color agents.  I only came up with 30 foods.  I imagine that these 30 foods will also be extinct in the near future as well.

Here is how it works folks.

The government controls food companies. The food companies have to put poisons in the food to make it last longer. The food needs to last longer because the government has to figure a way to feed the masses of an over populated country. An over populated country without enough food would be disastrous and would result in a third world situation.  A third world condition would mean no money for the government. No money would mean America would be vulnerable to other countries.

To stop this from happening the government has to control the masses. Processed food is the best way to keep food lasting longer, regardless if it is valueless and makes people sick.  But wait, the government is also in bed with the drug companies. Phew! I was worried that there wasn’t anything that could be done with all the people getting sick and dying from the poisons that are in the food supply.  Now the government can allow the administration of drugs to help save its people. That is just dandy! I feel better knowing that I can get sick from eating all the processed synthetic crap that the food companies are producing, and can take drugs to regulate my failing heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. That is awesome! I wish I could give the government a big hug and thank them for being so considerate for my health. I am so happy that we don’t have to eat healthy, organic natural food ladened with active enzymes and useable nutrients anymore.  I love eating fake, plastic food that has about as much nutrient value as the dog crap that is on the bottom of my shoe.  Thank you Uncle Sam you rock!!!

I know many people don’t really care about their health or the natural food supply, but I have a tremendous passion for fighting for our rights as human beings to be able to eat organic, raw natural food the way God intended.  It is an absolute shame that our freaking government is killing its own people.  Obesity in this country is the worst it has ever been.  The FDA is more concerned about arresting an Amish man for delivering milk than trying to arrest all the bastards that are pumping Americans up with drugs and poisons.  THAT IS AWESOME!!! Way to go FDA– I raise up my dunkin donut synthetic fat filled coolatta to ya’. Yeehaw you son of bitch.

I want to thank Brian McBride for telling me about this article. Here is the article.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed