Feeling DOWN and TIRED

Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day:
You could be suffering from Adrenal exhaustion.
The adrenals are essential for proper hormone balance, sugar metabolism, mineral balance, brain energy, and stress regulation.
Being constantly stressed out emotionally and physically will over work the adrenal glands causing over production of hormones. Over time this will weaken hormone secretions reducing their effect on the systems of the body, which then alters internal physiological balance.

Classic signs and symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include:
• Chronic fatigue
• Poor immunity
• Increased allergies
• Muscle wasting
• Depression
• Cravings for carbs, fat, and salt
• Skin issues
• Low sex drive
• Poor memory
• Unpredictable anger

To help improve adrenal function
• Sleep 7-8 hours per night
• Exercise (no overtraining!!!)
• Eat wholesome nutrient dense foods
• Avoid stimulants (coffee, soda)
• Drink water
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