Eating Like a Rabbit

Yesterday a person came into the gym to ask for advice. They have gained over forty pounds of weight and is having trouble losing it. There are many factors that affect body composition and to give a simple answer is not easy. However, I asked this person if they ate food during the day. They responded by saying that they only eat a salad for lunch and a salad for dinner. The salad consists of ice berg lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.
Problem number ONE: This salad alone is not substantial enough to support the vital exchange system of the body all day.
Problem number TWO: There is not enough protein support the cells of the body. This will promote catabolism and gluconeogenesis.
Problem number THREE: Eating like a rabbit will not help sustain the resting metabolic demand of an individual. Not knowing how many calories your body burns at rest is detrimental to body composition. Eating too little nutrients when your body needs more to sustain its normal metabolic processes will force the body to store fat. This is why this person has seen their fat weight increase, because their metabolic rate demands a certain amount of nutrients and they are starving themselves by eating very few vital nutrients.
Problem number FOUR: Crazy diets and sporadic eating can alter the Leptin cycles of the body resulting in a condition known as Leptin resistance which will force the body to store large amounts of fat even if food intake is reduced.
The bottom line is: You can tamper with the natural parameters of human physiology without developing an adverse effect. Guessing and following bogus nutritional claims can be detrimental to your health and body composition. Seek the help of professionals that can help guide you in the right direction of good health and nutrition.
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