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Air Pollution

  • Smog- All major cities in the Unites States have some form of chemical air pollution. This pollution will affect your lung’s capacity to deliver oxygen efficiently to the cells of the body. The antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E, selenium, and betacarotene) may prove to be effective in combating some of the effects of smog.
  • Smoke- Second-hand smoke of cigarettes, cigars and pipes all have a detrimental effect on the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells. Smoke contains carbon monoxide which may adhere to the site on the red blood cell that should be carrying oxygen.

Birth Control Pills

  • Because of the estrogen content in oral contraceptives, studies have shown that women on the pill have lower than normal blood serum levels of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Daily supplementation should be 50-75 mg. of B6 and 1000-2000 mg. of Vitamin C. A time release C would be best.


Studies have shown that smokers require approximately 40% more Vitamin C intake than non-smokers to achieve adequate blood levels. Every cigarette reduces bodily stores of Vitamin C by approximately 30mg., which means a pack of cigarettes requires at least a 600mg. increase in your Vitamin C intake.


  • sugar requires B vitamins and minerals to enable the body to metabolize it into glucose, yet it contains none of these. Therefore, it must take the nutrients away from other body functions that may need them.
  • Sugar may also increase the rate at which we excrete the mineral calcium, making bones more fragile and may even weaken heart action.
  • Oxalate, contained in chocolate, unites with calcium carrying it through the intestines as an insoluble compound.
  • Theobromine in chocolate may reduce the absorption of protein through the intestinal wall.

Note High sugar intake reduces the effectiveness of the body’s healing mechanism, causing a prolongation in the healing time.


Now that I have identified the types of weight resistance exercises and the appropriate principles that accompany them, we may continue on with some guidelines and direction as to setting a specific program to meet your needs.

Remember that all individuals are different and may respond accordingly to different types of weight training programs. Every individual must assess their own goals and fitness levels to determine what type of intensity of a program may be right for them. Those individuals with chronic heart conditions or other musculoskeletal conditions, may want to consult their physician before starting a weight training program. Success and results will ultimately come down to consistent trial and error of the appropriate principles and techniques of weight training to determine what works for that person.

Unsolved Mysteries

These substances, although tiny in amounts, are quite potent and essential for several bodily functions and processes. Some vitamins are soluble in water and others in oils.

Many mysteries still exist about vitamins. Research to identify and isolate vitamins continues in laboratories all over the world. Sometimes they are “discovered” when a human or animal is steadily deprived of certain kinds of foods. The resulting conditions help researchers decide that a specific substances in causing the undesired effect. In other cases, a given malfunction or disorder in the body corrects itself when sufficient amounts of a specific substance is supplied.

“Do Vitamins Supply Energy?”

Vitamins are not “true foods.” That is, they don’t supply energy, nor do they turn into tissue as do proteins. They do not work like fats or carbohydrates. They have been compared to a catalyst or spark plug. They are necessary to make the process work properly or optimally.

As nutritional research moves forward, it is gradually being discovered that a certain vitamin, or combination of vitamins, is essential for health. This is because vitamins combine with enzymes.Vitamins are often termed “co-enzymes.”

Simply stated, vitamins are substances that regulate a variety of everyday biological functions in your body. The quantity of each that is needed varies with each vitamin. Vitamins are essential for normal growth, good health and general day-to-day maintenance.

The Skinny on Vitamins

The body, itself, produces many substances which may, ultimately, form a vitamin. However, generally, vitamins cannot be made inside the body. Instead they must come from the foods we eat.

The Truth About Fat-Burning

For activities more than three minutes, continuously, the body will continue to burnsugar(carbohydrate). However, it will being to burn and breakdown the sugar in the presence of oxygen. This is known as aerobic glycolysis.

There is only one difference between the anaerobic glycolysis and aerobic glycolysis. Lactic acid does not accumulate in the presence of oxygen. In other words, the presence of oxygen inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid.

A Two-System Party

We have discussed the two primary anaerobic fuel systems: 1) The ATP system and 2) the lactic acid system (Anaerobic). The difference between these anaerobic fuel systems and the aerobic fuel system is duration.

Any activity that occurs in less than 30 seconds will rely heavily upon the ATP system. After 30 seconds and up to 3 minutes the body will use the anaerobic lactic acid system to re synthesize ATP so the activity can continue.


One of the greatest pitfalls for people trying to change the way they look is excuses. Excuses are made up to convince the person that they don’t have to exercise. I have just about every excuse in the book. Lack of discipline will keep you from achieving your fitness goals. You either want to change or you don’t– it’s that simple. In order to have a great looking physique you must commit to your program 100%, otherwise you will fail. Even if you are busy and can’t perform your full program, reduce the number of sets to shorten the time. Also, reduce the rest period between sets. Sometimes training for 20 minutes is more beneficial than not training at all. Once you skip workouts it snowballs into missing more workouts eventually leaving you on the couch eating bon bons. No excuses! Get out there and kick butt. As Larry the Cable Guy would say Git R Done.

A Little Secret

Here is a great way to stop catabolism in its tracks. Upon waking take 6 Free Form Amino Acids on an empty stomach. This will activate protein synthesis, boosting energy naturally without an insulin reaction. It will also help feed the muscles to provide a pumped feeling to the muscles. The faster you can stop catabolism the more you grow. During the sleep phase the body is in catabolism. When you wake up it is important to break the cycle and to get food into the body. Avoiding to eat will increase the catabolic effect. During catabolism you lose muscle tissue and store fat, this is not a desirable process. Keep aminos high in your blood for best results and to stop catabolism. Try to ingest protein every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Avoid catabolism at all costs…