D’s Specialized Arm Routine

Hello folks! Here is one of my best arm routines. This routine is designed to get those guns looking good.

Whenever you are specializing on a particular body part, it is important to work less on the other body parts. Don’t try to do this arm routine in conjunction with working the entire body on the same day. This routine should be performed independent of working any other part of the body. Let’s get started.

First, you need to set up all the equipment before performing any of the exercises. This will allow you to go from exercise to exercise without interruptions. Set up the following;


1. Diametric Bar on Preacher Curl Bench

2. Dumbells at the Front of an incline bench. Set incline to about 60 degrees.

3. Load a Barbell with weight

4. Spider Bench with barbell


1. Tricep Strap set half on cable Column of cable crossover machine.

2. Power Pushdown bar set on high cable column of cable crossover machine.

3. Tricep Dips off of Dip Stand

4. Diametric bar set up at the front of a flat bench


1. Zottman Curl

2. Barbell Wrist Curl

3. Reverse Body Drag

It is important to work triceps first.

Load up all the stations with about 75% maximum weight, with the exception of the power pushdown. You want the power pushdown to be 100-120% maximum.

Here is the sequence of the exercises to follow. This is to be done in a compound set fashion. Going from one exercise to the next. Perform 8 reps of each exercise. Complete each circuit 4 times.

• Lunging Tricep overhead Extensions

• Power Pushdowns

• Tricep Dips

• Prone Tricep Pullover and Press

Your triceps should feel totally pumped up. This sequence is designed to hit all 3 heads of the triceps.

Next, it is time to work the biceps. Again, never work biceps first– This is VERY important!

Work in the fashion as biceps, circuit style.

• Low down and Dirty Preacher Diametric Bar Curls. Don’t cheat and don’t sit down. Standing is preferred. You want to get as much extension and contraction as possible. Don’t let your biceps relax at all during the rep. Go deeeeeeep!!!

• Next, sit at the 60% bench grab the DB’s and perform alternating curls. Lean to one side as the db comes up to the shoulder. Once you begin to let the dumbell down switch over to the side and begin curling the db up. So as one db goes down the other comes up. NO RESTING! Save that for the grave yard. Complete 16 reps, making it 8 on each arm.

• Then, take the loaded barbell and perform a Body Drag Curl. Keep the bar against your body the entire rep, elbows back. Perform 8 reps.

• Finish off with Spider Bench Curls. Using a straight 4 foot barbell.


Once you have completed your final circuit set of the biceps move into the forearm ciircuit. 4 Sets 12 reps.


1. Zottman Curl

2. Barbell Wrist Curl

3. Reverse Body Drag

This arm routine is fantastic. You’re arms will be incredibly pumped up. Remember, I don’t recommend training any other muscle groups on the same day as this arm specialization routine. Too much blood is required. If you divert the blood to other areas of the body you will lose the effect.

You could use this sequence:

Monday & Thursday: Back, Chest, Delts

Tuesday & Friday: Arm Specialization

Wednesday & Saturday: Legs

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