Why You Shouldn’t Lose Weight

Here is the skinny on losing fat. First of all I must say I get annoyed when the media, saturday morning infomercials, and the general population of America talk about LOSING WEIGHT. This is ignorant and inaccurate. People are so fixated to the stupid scale that they become obsessed with numbers. This is bogus! I am not going to live my life standing on a thing that tells me how much I weigh. And that becomes the measure of fitness. Come on folks, this is ridiculous!!!

I am amazed at how marketing works in our country. I could go on television and tell all the secrets about losing FAT and there would be no one watching. But the minute I started talking about losing weight then half of America would be watching and signing up for whatever secret product I was selling. I could be selling lawn chairs telling people that lying on them would help you lose WEIGHT. I could get a couple of hot chicks in bikini’s to lay on them, and America would buy it. Just because I use the words LOSE WEIGHT. I give seminars on nutrition and fitness at my gym on a regular basis. As an experiment I put up sign that read ” Learn the secrets to FAT LOSS”. No one signed up for the seminar.  Then I changed it to “Learn the secrets to WEIGHT LOSS, within a day I had close to 50 sign ups. It is all about the wording. I get embarrassed by the stupidity of this country sometimes.

Here is why I get irate.

First we all have a required set point of weight that our body is designed to stay close to throughout our adult life. This set point is written in our DNA and cannot be changed unless we alter our DNA, which can happen.

Second, we have billions and billions of cells that replicate and die off every second of our life. Cells are the essence of our being. Our DNA coding is based on keeping the cells replicating and providing the necessary network of physiology to keep all the tissues in our body alive and working. There is a certain amount of fat, muscle, bone, water, that the body must have to sustain life. This is known as our body composition. Knowing the healthy parameters of your body composition will decipher what your true set point is supposed to be.

The set point is the weight that your body is supposed to be throughout your adult life. There are small increases and decreases during life. But for the most part we maintain close to our set point most of our life. The set point is designed in the DNA. If we didn’t have this written code in our DNA then we would keep growing and growing and growing. There would be no regulation to our cellular make up. Our DNA was designed to limit our size. I will never be seven feet tall weighing at 300 pounds, no matter how much try. My DNA make up simply won’t allow it. However, we can alter the DNA if we damage the cellular replication cycle. People who gain an excessive amount of weight after the age of 25 have altered their DNA because they have damaged the physiological and hormonal sequence of the DNA to keep their body at their respectable set point. They have forced their body to go beyond what is normal. When the body exceeds the set point beyond a significant amount of weight it is hard to ever get back to the original set point. Over time the DNA will be reprogrammed to try to remedy the excessive weight gain and try to get the body back to its original size. However, this becomes damaging when the weight gain becomes a chronic event. At this point the body will re-establish a new set point to try to keep up with the vital nutrient exchange system and cellular demand. This is why some folks who are over weight and/or obese can maintain a certain weight even when they are carrying the added weight. I call this set point override. Again the body will do everything it can to avoid the excessive weight gain, but if the person continues to force added weight on the body it will continue to damage the set point and it will over ride the DNA and this will force another “faulty” set point at a higher weight. This becomes very dangerous.

This is why steroid users have a tough time staying big. They start out at their normal set point and then they take steroids. The steroids force the DNA to keep producing a greater than normal cellular hypertrophy. The person puts on a tremendous amount of muscle. This amount of muscle is consider foreign to the person’s own DNA. The DNA is trying to get the person’s muscle size back to its normal level but the steroids over ride this and forces the DNA to reconfigure its coding to support the added muscle size. If a steroid user goes on one cycle and sees added muscle size and then comes off the cycle, they will go right back to their original set point. The damage has not effected the DNA to this point. But if the person goes on many cycles then they take the risk of damaging the DNA forever. Long time steroid users are usually in terrible condition and have many damaging side effects to their vital organs and health. They have over ridden their DNA to the point where the DNA can longer support normal cellular functions. The regular homeostatic processes of hormones, and cellular physiology are beyond repair forcing the organs to become dysfunctional.

You don’t have to be on steroids to have a damaging effect to your physiological systems. Adhering to WHACKED OUT insufficient, stupid nutrition practices and exercise routines will cause the same problem over time as taking steroids.

If you LOSE WEIGHT this is what happens. Let’s say your body’s DNA is coded for you to be 150 pounds 22% body fat, 78% lean body mass, respectively. You’re a female and when you are 25 years old you notice that your body is 150 pounds at 22% body fat. The reason 25 is a magic number is because this is the age of the body’s full maturation and development. Hormones are at their peak, the body composition is established, peak reproductive sensitivity. So, now the woman gets on the scale and starts to cry because she weighs 150 pounds. This freaks her out and she automatically goes into an obsessive compulsive sequence to LOSE WEIGHT. In her mind she believes that she should weigh 118 pounds because that is what the bimbos with their skimpy bikinis on the front of the magazines weigh. So now this lady goes into a total psychological tailspin. She subscribes to all the fads and products out there that supposively help TO LOSE WEIGHT. She is a sucka for all the hoopla. You could go to her bedroom and look under bed and she all the purchases of worthless weight loss devices. She is even taught by some ignorant college educated bafoon that all she has to do is EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE. Who ever teaches this approach should be tar and feathered.

She ends up joining a gym and exercising on a treadmill for hours. Thinking that running will give her the body of her dreams. She is told that weight training will make her a huge behemoth and that she should avoid it like the plague. So she continues running, and running. RUN FORREST RUN! She ends up eating no more than 500 calories a day and exercising every day for hours. Because this is the advice the BAFOON at the gym gave her. EXERCISE MORE ,EAT LESS!!!

Now after six months this woman gets on the scale and low and behold she has LOST WEIGHT–YIPPEEE! Gabriel’s Trumpet sounds off from the heavens above. It is a glorious day! This woman got down to 125 pounds she lost 25 pounds. Being proud of her accomplishment she goes to the gym and they measure her body fat percentage. She now has a body fat percentage of 33%. Eleven percent greater than when she started her obsessive weight loss. Her body is soft and doughy looking. But she doesn’t care because she LOST WEIGHT-YIPPPPEEEE! And that is all she wanted to do. Little does she know that her inaccurate plan actually has compromised her DNA makeup and now puts it in a damaging effect. This is because she has forced her body to go way below her set point. She manipulated her physiological systems by avoiding to adhere to the laws that govern proper fat metabolism. She didn’t metabolize off fat in fact she stored more. Before she weighed 150 pounds at 22% body fat and 78% lean body mass. Now she weighs 125 at 33% body fat.



22% Fat= 33 pounds of body fat

78% lean body mass( muscle, organs, bone, water)= 117 pounds



35% fat= 43.75 pounds of body fat

65%= 81.25 pounds of muscle


and Lost 35.75 pounds of muscle

This is AMERICA folks!!!! This is what the goal is for most American’s “I JUST HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT” . They are so naive to realize that what they are losing is muscle and not fat. In fact, now this woman is considered morbidity obese. OBESITY IS becoming the number one epidemic in America. All fueled by American’s desire to lose weight. That is awesome. I love living in the land known as the FATTEST country in the world. Thank you television and all media affiliates for making this country the fattest place on Earth. With your LOSE WEIGHT campaign. ATTA BOY!!!Rather than in God We Trust we should say IN WEIGHT LOSS we trust. Give me a break!!! Keeping a healthy body composition is the key to it all. The ratio between fat and muscle is the only factor that you need to worry yourself about. If you get to a healthy body composition. females 22-28% is considered the healthy range, for men 4-22% is considered normal. Anything above the normal ranges becomes a health risk. The more body fat you have the harder the systems have to work to keep you alive. However, we need fat in the body to help the systems work effectively.

So, if your body composition is 22% at 150 pounds then that is considered your set point and that is the weight your body is designed to be. Forcing unnecessary weight loss only perpetuates damage to the regulatory systems of the body and can damage the DNA sequence.

Now if your body fat falls outside of the norm let’s say 29-35% you need to metabolize off the excess fat to get down to the healthy norms.

This is where exercise comes into play. Exercise is only a metabolic booster. It heats the body up. Once the muscles are hot they become permeable. When they are more permeable they can metabolize off fat.

This is the hard part for PEOPLE TO SWALLOW. The KEY TO LOSING FAT IS TO ACTIVATE AND SUSTAIN MUSCLE TISSUE. You never want to lose muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is the engine of the body and it is the only way for fat to be metabolized from the body . When you exercise you increase muscle activation. In order to keep up with the anabolic properties of muscle tissue (rebuild, repair) you have to eat MORE FOOD. Nutrients are a huge part of metabolizing off fat because nutrients support the muscle tissue. Fat can only be metabolized through muscle tissue. So, it only makes sense that the more muscle you activate the more food you need to take in to support the repair and re-growth of the muscle. The more muscle you activate and utilize the more fat is metabolized. This is what it is all about.

If you eat less and exercise more, you lose the ability to repair muscle tissue. Therefore, the fat burning mechanism is inhibited. This will over time only result in loss of muscle tissue. You are not taking in enough nutrients to sustain the muscle activity. Muscle tissue doesn’t get repaired. Fat loss impaired. Your body becomes soft and doughy. You store fat.

In my book DIET EARTH. I discuss this process further and really hit on the points that explain why YOU HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE FAT. If you ever wanted to know the truth about nutrition then I think you will like this book. It is the no-nonsense truth about how the body works. I have completed it and am just waiting for the publisher to finish up with printing it out.

The Bottom Line: Eat To Lose FAT. STAY OFF THE STUPID SCALE. MAINTAIN YOUR SET POINT. BE Happy with your life and your body. Stop being so fixated on WEIGHT.

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