Eliminate All Sugar From Your Diet

Drop fat pounds significantly in 2 weeks by eliminating all refined sugar from your diet. Sugar promotes the development of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are prevalent in the diabetic vasculature and contribute to the development of fat storage and atherosclerosis.

Glycation is the bonding of proteins and lipids to sugar. Once a protein or lipid become bonded with sugar it becomes more difficult to be metabolized and converted as energy, inflammation usually develops within the vasculature circulatory system. 

Eliminating sugar from your diet will help reduce the AGE affect. In fact, reducing sugar can help reduce; chronic fatigue, the risk of developing diabetes, the development of certain cancers, and the aging. People who eat a lot of sugar tend to look much older than they are because glycation.

The types of sugars I am referring to are starches, refined table sugar, candy, cakes, pastries. Eat fruit sparingly. Even though there are many nutrients in certain fruits, there also a high concentration of fructose which can cause an insulin reaction in the body just as much as other sugars.

Eat low glycemic nutrient dense water soluble vegetables. Avoid corn, sweet peas, summer squash, carrots. If you have to eat carrots eat them raw not cooked. Also eat lean animal protein, nuts, legumes.

Sugar consumption has been linked to many risk factors so it only makes sense to reduce it from the diet in order to keep the systems of the body working optimally. If you eat correctly you will be getting plenty of the necessary glucose for proper physiological functioning from the low glycemic carbohydrates sources.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.