They Have No Clue

As a gym owner and professional trainer I am amused at all the different ways people train. Most of the people have no idea what they are doing. I often get people who come to my gym for the day and perform some of the craziest workouts I have ever seen. I guess if it works then do it, but for some of these folks I don’t think it is working to well for them. I have offered my advice but they refuse to change anything.

The problem with doing all kinds of weird exercises increases the risk of injuries and hormone depletion. Once the anabolic hormones deplete the increase of cortisol develops. This is why some folks never seem to get anywhere with their training. They activate too much cortisol. Knowing how much to train and what exercises to perform in the right amount of intensity is the key to success. It is important to have direction. Not knowing what you are doing will only result in failure.

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Daryl Conant, M.Ed