InVINCEable Video Series: Exercises That Are Featured

Hi Guys,

The InVINCEable Video Series is a couple weeks from being released. It took a long time for this project to be completed but it is well worth it.  Video Creations from Kennebunk, Maine has done a great job dealing with the magnitude of footage.  This was not an easy task. Video Creations and myself have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this production.  Anyone who thinks that putting a video of just about every exercise Vince taught is an easy thing to do, needs to think again.  To have a professional quality video requires high end video camaras and equipment, and professional photographers and videographers.  Once all the raw footage is taped, the producer and editors (Blake Baldwin, Lee Cote, Mary Tibbetts) must edit all the content to fit on a DVD.  The software that was used in the making of the DVD’s is not imovie, it is the same software used in Hollywood movie sets. We spared no expense in this production.  I wanted to pay tribute to Vince and to produce a video that I could feel proud of.  This project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the great folks at Video Creations. Thank you guys.

I hope that you will learn from these videos and incorporate these exercises into your training programs.  They are unique and are the best exercises for developing a classic drug free physique.

Here are the exercises that are featured: This was a lot of work.


Concemetric Crunch

Half sit-up

abdominal vacuum

bench knee tucks

frog sit-up

hip roll

mini trampoline

table/ bench crunch

stiff leg raise


serratus dips

ab planche

weighted curl ups

Back Exercises

45 degree row

low cable strap row

low prone row

mid cable strap row

strap alternating row

high cable row

short pulley row

raciing dive lat pulls

one arm cable row

seated lat pulldown

overhead pulldown

scapula rotation

daryl’s speciall pulldown

alternating dumbbell bentover row

bentover row head on bench

high bench row

high bench dumbbell row

head on bench dumbbell row


long pulley row

low lying prone lat pull

mid cable bar row

wide grip pull ups

v-bar pull ups

Bicep exercises

pro bicep curl

standing two arm dumbbell curl

standing alternate dumbbell curl

bentover barbell curl

preacher stand dumbbell curl

preacher stand reverse side dumbbell curl

spider bench curl

high bench prone bicep curls

standing incline bicep curl

bicep pull ups

incline dumbbell curl

lat pulldown bicep curl

incline alternating dumbbell curl


Smith machine calf raise

hack machine seated calf raise

hack machine calf raise

alternating calf raise

smith machine standing calf raise

dumbbell calf raise

seated calf raise

walk off alternating calf raise

donkey calf raise

one and a half smith machine

Chest Exercises

Decline dumbbell scoop

neck press on decline bench

incline dumbbell press

dumbbell flies on flat bench

incline dumbbell fly

neck press

the gironda dip

Fulcrum push up

pulley crossover

vince’s ring chest fly


seated 90 degree posterior raise

high bench laterals

seated lateral raise

kosloff lateral raise

dumbbell alternating press

dumbbell circle

dumbbell upright row

dumbbell side swing zorros

dumbbell press and negative lateral

scott shoulder press

barbell upright row

clean and press

military barbell press

smith front and back shoulder press

dip stand shoulder press

alternate front raise

dumbbell incline lateral raise

power posterior dumbbel raise


off bench barbell wrist curl

hammer curl

squatting wrist curl

reverse body drag

reverse preacher forearm cul

zottman curl

Hamstring Exercises

dumbbell hamstring curl

bicep femoris hack squat

prone hamstring curl low

prone hamstring curl high


seated tricep overhead extension

one arm power extension

tricep bench dip

high bench tricep kickback

tricep pullover and press

pulley power pushdown

tricep elbows wide pushdown

narrow grip neck press

elbows wide pressdown

Quadricep exercises

frog squat

dillinger squat

jefferson squat

cable adduction

smith machine frog squat

power leg extension

45 degree hack slide

the famous sissy squat

half lunges

front squat

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