The Vicious Cycle

If you are like me then you are aware of your body and want only the best for it. You exercise, eat the best foods you can afford and can get, you try to do everything possible to stay balanced. This is what being fit and healthy is all about. 

As I sit here writing this I am over come with an intense sense of anger. Over the past twenty years I have analyzed, dissected and researched hundreds of foods that I consume. And I am outraged at what has happened to our natural food supply. 

It all began in America about a hundred years ago. At one time America was a self sufficient society. People raised their own food. The land was rich in nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates were abundant. Then the population of the country exploded in the middle part of the 20th century. The increase in the population concerned the government. (note: this is fact I am not making any of this up). 

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