Give This A Try

Hello Folks,

Give this a try the next time you train your chest.

Neck Press  4 sets 8 Reps

1st Set:  90% maximum weight:   Go four seconds on the eccentric contraction (bar coming down to chest), then push up (concentric) counting one one thousand, two one thousand, 3 one thousand, 4 one thousand 5 one thousand.  Do this count for the entire 8 reps.  Don’t cheat!  Real men take the pain and love it. You should be almost spent by the last rep.

2nd Set: 80% maximum weight: Same as set one.

3rd Set: 70% maximum weight:  Come down stop half way and hold isometric contraction for 4 seconds, then proceed to the neck, push back up and stop half way hold isometric contraction 2 seconds then push all the back up to the starting position.  Don’t lock elbows in the extended position, more pain less rest.

4th Set:  60% maximum weight:  Bring bar down to the neck hold at the neck 3 seconds then push the weight up fast without locking the elbows.

If you are not pumped up after this chest sequence then you are either doing something wrong, you can’t count or you are a superior genetic freak.  This routine will break you out of any rut you are in with your chest training.  Give it a try today and shock those muscles.

Intensity x pain= muscle growth.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed