My Own Theory

I believe that in order to obtain more muscle size that you have to increase the bodies blood volume.  We have all felt the wonderful muscle pump that is a benefit of weight training.  The pump is simply blood rushing to the worked muscle tissue. The blood delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscle to help with the tissue damage.  The more blood you pump into the muscle the greater the contraction and the bigger the muscle gets.  When the muscle fills with blood, the blood vessels and capillaries increase in size to accommodate the surge of blood. More fluid and substrates are able to get into the muscles to rebuild.

How do you increase the blood volume.  This is done by diet.  Drink plenty of water and up your iron intake. Spinach, red meats, broccoli and green leafy vegetables, and dessicated liver tablets will produce more blood.  When you eat these foods you will notice that when you weight train your muscles will be really pumped and full looking. This added blood volume will help you keep the muscle active.

Poor diets and lack of exercise decreases blood volume and tissue size.

So I believe that a key component of building muscle size is to increase the bodies blood production.  Now go eat some red meat, take a handful of livers, and a down a big bowl of greens.  Create more blood.

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