Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day: 
In order to maximize your efforts from exercise it is important to incorporate both anaerobic and aerobic metabolism into your plan.
If you only perform aerobic exercise you are only burning fat during the exercise session. Once you stop aerobic exercising the fat molecules return to the fat cells and the muscle cell is turned off. The more you perform the aerobic exercise the more conditioned your muscles become. When you become fitter your body becomes better at conserving energy. So, essentially you are not burning as much fat because the nervous system has figured out a way to make the work easier.
To burn a higher percentage of fat the muscle cell has to be influenced by greater intensity–RESISTANCE TRAINING. The main source of energy for resistance training is sugar. Fat metabolism is reduced dramatically during intense exercise. However, once your blood pressure and heart rate comes down from intense exercise your body enters into the “THERMOGENIC MODE”, which proves that resistance training is the greatest fat burner of all. You will burn a ton of fat once the body enters into thermogenesis.
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