The Silent Killer

Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day:
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. Lifestyle, food chemicals, distress, low water levels, high levels of plasma cholesterol, genetics, and poor diets contribute to heart disease. The human body IS designed to go through physical exercise on a daily basis. This is a primitive characteristic that has allowed the human species to survive thousands and thousands of years. When the innate primal properties are tampered with and turned off the body goes into a catabolic shift. The entire cardiorespiratory system becomes compromised. Arteries get filled up with plaque, muscles atrophy, the pumps and valves of the heart and kidneys become weaker making it more difficult to pump blood and regulate PH levels in the body. Many people abhor exercise to the nth degree. They would rather do anything else but exercise. These types of folks are pleasure seekers. They seek pleasure and avoid pain at all cost. To them exercise is unpleasant and painful. These types of folks would fall into the category of “weak links.” Through evolution of the species the guiding element to human life is survival of the fittest. 

As much as it is not enjoyable for many people, exercise must be apart of an individual’s lifestyle if they want to help strengthen the systems of the body and be more enduring through the physicality of earth. Sedentary living is a surefire way of weakening the systems of the body increasing the risk of having a heart attack. Most people who have heart attacks don’t realize they have a problem until their first heart attack. Heart disease is a “silent killer” it can happen without warning or any clear symptoms. The arteries that go to the heart can slowly become occluded and sudden lack of blood and oxygen will occur causing the heart to be compromised.

Regular daily exercise and a healthy diet can greatly reduce the onset of heart disease. It is always important to take inventory of yourself and beware of the risk factors associated with heart disease.

* Poor sleeping
* Chronic distress
* Not drinking enough water
* Too much sodium
* Poor electrolyte balance
* Muscle wasting
* Excessive fat storage, especially visceral fat
* Chronic anger
* Thoracic breathing
* Poor urinary and intestinal waste removal
* Chronic body pain (Inflammation)
* Toxin accumulation in blood
* Plaque hardening in arteries
* Sedentary living
* Headache
* Chest tightness/ pain
* Tightness in left arm
* Impotency
* Low Libido
* Shallow breathing
* Poor blood circulation
* Shortness of breath: especially walking up a flight of stairs
* Tingling in the extremities

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