My Power Breakfast

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: 
Here is YET another one of my GREATEST nutritional SECRETS. I should be charging for these gems 🙂 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it sets the precedent for your entire metabolic process throughout the day. Eating the wrong things first thing in the morning can upset intestinal equilibrium and cause a cascading effect of sugar imbalance. Sugar imbalance is the reason for illness and fat storage and brain dysfunction.
Protein should be the first thing you eat after waking up. Because during sleep blood sugar levels are restored and balanced. Eating sugar after sleeping will cause an insulinary reaction forcing blood sugar levels to drop. This is why people drink coffee and eat carbs throughout the day. Their blood sugar regulatory system has been compromised. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning without food is disastrous to body composition. Messing with the sympathetic nervous system without muscle metabolism activation will force sugar to go into fat cells making more adipose tissue and free radicals to thrive.
I always eat protein first thing in the morning to maintain proper blood sugar levels. Here is my SECRET power breakfast.
3-4 whole eggs, lightly scrambled with diced onions, broccoli, tomatoes, green pepper, bacon, spinach, and a tablespoon of sour cream. I then drizzle a little salsa on top and eat. YUMMY!!! This meal provides me incredible energy and power. This is one of my secret concoctions.
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