Counting Calories To Lose Weight Is RIDICULOUS!!!

Calories are only a measurement of heat. Calories are not a physical substance. Most people I come in contact with are all concerned with counting calories. They tell me how many calories they eat a day to lose weight. When I tell them that they should be concerned more with how many vital nutrients they are consuming, rather than wasting time counting calories, they look at me like I just fell off the turnip truck.    At my book signing I introduced a new product “raw revolution food bars”. These bars are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 oil. The nutrient value is amazing. They are raw, which means they have not been cooked or processed. They are a bar that I will endorse, because it ties into my philosophy. Anyway, I had these bars at the book signing and this couple came to the table and picked up a bar. The women looked at the label and said ” oh these have 200 calories, too much for me” and then put the bar back onto the table. I asked her “200 calories??? But the bar is loaded with nutrients and the calories don’t matter. The enzymes of the body will break down the nutrients to be delivered into the bloodstream. The sugars in the bar are low glycemic, which will not turn on the insulin system. These bars are a fantastic snack.” The lady replied, “no I am only allowed to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight and this bar will put me over my target range.” I asked her, ” so it doesn’t matter to you about feeding the body with dense nutrients, you are only concerned with calories.” Yes, said the lady. I then asked her, “can you show me a calorie?” She said she has no idea what a calorie is. All she knows is that she was told that she has to only take in 1200 calories to lose weight. I asked again, “so what about ingesting nutrients?” She replied, “it has nothing to with it.” So you could eat anything you want as long as you only take in 1200 calories, I said to her. Yes! I can eat donuts, potato chips, pizza as long as I don’t exceed the 1200 calorie mark. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I said. Eventually, I was able to explain to her how the calorie method doesn’t work. Needless to say she ended up buying my book.

I feel that most people have no idea how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, or why they need to eat. It fascinates me on the ignorance of the American people when it comes to nutrition. The truth is, is that it is all about vital nutrients to feed the vital nutrient exchange system, not calories. Calories are exploited by the media. I wrote “diet EARTH” to help people understand the truth of food works in the body and that it is more important to take in real usable nutrients rather than being concerned with calories.

Just for the heck of it I counted up all the calories that I ate in one day. I read the label of each thing I ate. According to the calorie method I take in on average 7000 calories a day. “OH MY GOSH!!!!! Daryl you are crazy, you are going to die. You are going to be fat!!!!!”. said a person once I told them how many calories I take in. I asked them if the calorie idea worked so well then I should be fat and on the verge of dying from eating this many calories a day. Yet. I remain at 4% body fat, and am able to maintain my muscle mass without any problem. I told the person, “I never count calories I don’t believe in it. I only count nutrient amounts.” I know how much vitamin B, C, D, E, protein, fat, low glycemic carbs and minerals I need a day to maintain my muscle. I only care about ingesting the best organic nutrients.”

It seems that society is constantly in a battle with stupid ideas that never seem to work. The calorie idea is a great way for the media and food companies to make money. More magazines sell if they say “weight loss” or “Low Calories”. More food sells if it says low calories. People will buy low calorie food regardless if there are no nutrients in it, just as long as it says low calorie. “Hey honey, I found us healthy donuts. This donut only has 20 calories, which means it is healthy for us.” This is usually the way Americans think. They could care less that the donut is loaded with cancer producing agents, and that the vital nutrient exchange system will be compromised of getting nutrients, which will in turn cause a catabolic effect to occur. Muscle is used to provide protein to the VNES and fat metabolism ceases. The person gets fatter from eating the 20 calorie donut. Unfortunately, this is the great American way of believing that eating foods that have less calories is actually a healthy thing to do.

The bottom line is that: I don’t care what nutritionists,dieticians, doctors, or Billy Bob says about calories.  I don’t agree with that way of thinking and I will stick with my belief that eating true natural organic dense nutrient foods are what we should be concerned with.

In my book diet EARTH I discuss in much more detail how calories are bogus and how eating nutrients is the key to health. 


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