You Have To Love It

To be successful at staying committed to exercise, you have to love it.  People who dabble with fitness programs and feel that exercising is more drudgery than fun often times never see results. It takes passion and discipline to succeed in fitness.

Exercise needs to be an extension to your existence. Meaning that it becomes as important to you as eating. If you are only exercising to resolve some emotional shift in consciousness, then you are destined to fail.  Exercising  for the sole purpose of trying to “lose weight” is the wrong approach.  Exercising to improve the overall functioning of the internal organs should be the main factor.  Improving the internal organs will ultimately influence the improvement of entire body. A residual effect of healthy organs is fat loss. People gain fat because there is an imbalance within their systems.  Once the problem is addressed and remedied then the body can begin to function properly and return to its original set point. However, how close to the set point you get also depends on how much inflammatory damage you have done within the systems of the body. The greater the inflammatory damage present can reduce the functions of the systems.  A reduction in the output of the systems will limit how much hormone is released, how much muscle can be activated, and how much fat can burn metabolized. That is why it is essential to stay on a regular exercise program. Sticking to a regular habit will promote greater cellular output while reducing  inflammatory damage.  Eating the right foods at the right time throughout the day is also necessary to keep the systems operating effectively.  When you have established a good habit with exercise and you are eating healthy, then the benefits are bountiful.  Once you start seeing and feeling the results of your hard earned discipline, you will be hooked– and you will love it.

You must find the motivational spark that will ignite your enthusiasm.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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