Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day:
A great way to boost your immunity and to increase longevity is to pick up a HOBBY. A hobby allows your brain to focus on something that is pleasurable and non-stressful. Having separation from the daily grind of life helps to recharge the positopic energy flow of the body and provides a sense of self accomplishment. Getting excited and involved in a hobby physiologically enhances the positive energy flow and activates higher brain centers, which releases healthy hormones secretions that boost health of all the systems of the body. When all the systems are healthy immunity is improved. Good immunity is the fountain of youth of the body. 

People who have a special hobby tend to be happier, are less stressed, and reduce aging effects. So get out of the stressful, gut wrenching chaos of the world and absorb your mind and body into a hobby and reap the benefits of serenity.

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