Low Income and Disease

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: LOW INCOME and DISEASE

People who are on a fixed or low income are more prone to; heart disease, diabetes, digestive disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, anger, hatred, emotional imbalances, and psychological disorders than people who are affluent and are financially stable.

The constant worrying of making ends meet overworks the physiological stress pathways of the body. The endocrine system becomes exhausted, which weakens the adrenals, thyroid, and parathyroid. Blood sugar and PH levels become imbalanced. Stress hormones infiltrate the bloodstream causing toxicity and negative feedback cycles resulting in a weakened immune system, turning the body into a dysfunctional, inflammatory chemical mess. Liver, heart, intestines, and the brain are compromised and function poorly.

People fighting for every cent to pay their bills each week are not concerned with Barbie’s Dream House, or Susies Power Yoga transformation, or Sten’s Vegan 90-day body challenge, or gym memberships, or eating all organic, or taking in the right macro and micronutrients, they are only concerned with trying to survive another day and to eat whatever they can afford and still be able to pay their bills.

Even though illness can affect anyone at any financial level, it is more likely, the lower the income the worse the health. To eat organically and to eat perfectly to avoid inflammation is more difficult for those stressed out about money. Doctors will tell their patients that they need to eat more wholesome foods, be less stressed, and get a handle on their emotions. To help out, the doctor prescribes drugs to help control the physiological chaos only making matters worse.

There are strategies that can be implemented for people who are struggling financially to regain control of their body. Making just a small healthy change each day can make a huge difference toward better health and financial freedom. You don’t have to be a millionaire to reap the benefits of nature’s bountiful positive energy source. You just need to know how to tap into it. I can help you with that…