AVOID Negative People

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: 
There is nothing more energy draining than to be around negative people. The body is a permeable cellular structure that acts as a receptor, transmitting and receiving energy information. The type of energy a person is consumed by defines who they are. A negative person is like a “sink hole” (cancer) of negative energy sucking the life out of all those around them. Just being in the presence of a negative person without even having to say anything you feel uneasy, depressed, anxious, uptight, nauseous, and ill.
Being around negative people will weaken your immune system. Try to limit exposure or completely stay away from negative people. Try to surround yourself with positive, caring, loving people. Positive people BOOST your entire happy hormone profile and immunity. GREAT things are achieved when in the presence of POSITIVE PEOPLE.
Stay away from NEGATIVE conversations,visually, verbally or written. Watching (TV), listening (Radio) and reading (online) negative ideas and dialect will also drain the body of its positive energy flow.
The BOTTOM LINE: There are a lot of NEGATIVE PEOPLE roaming the streets, workplace, internet, and airways, stay as far away from these ENERGY DRAINERS and keep your POSITIVE ENERGY flowing so that you can DO GREAT THINGS for yourself and others.
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