The Honest Workout

Folks! There is nothing more gratifying than the honest workout. The honest workout is training hard, concise, strict and real. When I started bodybuilding I knew that most of the bodybuilders of that day were on drugs. I never set my sites on looking like those idiots. So I didn’t develop false hopes and aspirations from the start. I am fortunate enough to have learned about genetic potential and training for the pure enjoyment of it, rather than having to worry about having to look like something that wasn’t real. I probably should have been living back in the 1940”s-1960’s. My philosophy and training style matches those that trained back during the golden years of bodybuilding. I actually bodybuild and live the lifestyle. Many of the so called bodybuilders of today are only passing through as posers. They don’t live the wholesome, honest, disciplined lifestyle. All they have to do is go to pharmacist Joe and get their prescription. They are bodybuilders in a bottle.

I was messing around on youtube the other day checking out the bodybuilders of yesteryear and present. I have to say that it is a shame that true natural bodybuilding is not as popular as the drug bodybuilding. Steroids ruined the true hope for most guys. The expectations to get beyond huge is too much to fathom for the upstart. It is much like the white 5′ 8″ male who plays high school basketball. The chance of this kid making it to the NBA is probably one in about a zillion. No matter how hard he tries he will never be a NBA superstar. This is much like bodybuilding. Many guys start out training believing that they will look like Arnold, or the freaks in Muscle and Fitness magazine. They are told that if they eat right and train hard that they will grow huge. They soon find out that this is not the case and that the work is too hard and the results are too small. They either end up quitting the idea of bodybuilding, or end up doing harmful drugs to get the desired look. This is the problem with bodybuilding today. It is rare to find true honest bodybuilders. I hate looking at the bodybuilders from the 70’s to now. Most of all the top guys from all those decades took steroids. These guys were the ones that so many guys over the years have aspired to look like. They were all mislead into following guys who were not real.

Over the past couple of days I have done an investigation on where the so called super stars of the past are and what they have been doing. Most all the guys I looked up don’t even train anymore. They look nothing like they did and they don’t even live the lifestyle anymore. They have completely removed themselves from their former self. It is as if they only did bodybuilding to get to the next thing in their life. Once they got to that point they just stopped training. It was all an illusion. These were the guys that most of us back then wanted to look like and be like. They seemed to be the ultimate in living the bodybuilding lifestyle. But it was all a bunch of deceit and lies. These guys don’t even bodybuild anymore. Through my investigation I have to say I have not found anyone who is a “guru like” character. There are no true devoted teachers of bodybuilding any more. It seems that the only teachers are the ones that are currently messed up in all the hype of drug building. The names today will be gone a year from now.

One interview that I saw was about a guy stating that you have to be in your twenties and thirties to obtain muscle. And that anyone over the age of forty is done with building muscle. I totally disagree with this. Natural bodybuilders can keep building for years. They will keep their physique as close to peak for years. It is all about training smarter.

For me it is all about training within my own genetic potential and training the muscles hard. There is nothing like an honest workout. Seeing my body change from the exercises that I do is fantastic. There is no drug that can simulate that feeling. That is what bodybuilding is to me.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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