Does “Weight Loss” Work?

Does “Weight loss” work?

Weight loss does not work!  The human body is not designed to lose weight. It is designed to burn fat. The idea of losing weight is one of the biggest marketing schemes of all time. The term “weight loss” is used to sell more magazines and diet products. People often confuse being healthy with being thin. Losing weight for the sake of losing weight is dangerous.  The truth is when you lose weight you lose vital tissue (muscle) that the body needs to sustain healthy functioning. The correct term that should be used should be “fat loss.” But if media uses the term “fat loss” people aren’t as receptive to it, because even though they could be, most people don’t feel that they are over fat and losing fat doesn’t interest them, they just want to lose weight, huh??? I did a seminar once entitled “Fat Loss for Women” and no one came, I  decided to change the name to “Weight Loss for Women” and the room was filled, because that is what good old American marketing has done to society. We follow the ideas that are more common than are actually true.   Remember the body doesn’t want to lose weight it will protect itself from doing so, the body does however want to metabolize extra stored fat.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.