The Wellness Continuum Part 3


The social realm includes how we interact and deal with people. Getting along with others will create a greater sense of human respect. As long as we live on Earth, we must associate with other people. Hating people does nothing but limit your availability and credibility as a human being. Human interaction is important for the human experience. A study on the effects of human interaction was performed back in the 1800’s. The study consisted of new born babies at an ophanage. Babies were divided into two groups; (Group A) Contact Group, (Group B) Non Contact Group. Nurses would feed both groups of babies, however, only group A would get any affection or attention after the feeding. Babies in Group B cried more, developed illness, and when they grew older suffered more emotional and physical problems than the babies in Group A. The research concluded that it is essential that humans have contact with each other in order to feel complete and secure. Feelings of loneliness, or being unloved can influence a person to become bitter, depressed, insensitive to others which could ultimately negate the wellness continuum. 


The spiritual realm is important for attaining optimal wellness, however, due to the complexity of philosophies and religions it is difficult to describe. Spirituality is the faith of believing in something greater than thyself. Spiritually could be described as being a relationship among energy and spirit. The purest form of energy is love. Love is the most powerful healing source in the universe. To truly love unconditionally can do more for the human spirit than anything in the world. With unconditional loves comes the acceptance of life and all that goes wrong. Having faith can calm the fears, hostility, cynicism and negativity that many of us hold onto each day.


Illness can be developed through our minds. Negative attitudes and the way we handle stress can influence the onset of disease. People who are angry, hateful, violent, depressed and/or spiteful have a higher risk of developing hypertension, arthritis, cancer, obesity, anurysms and other illnesses. Being able to cope with daily situations can improve your outlook on life and help to create a more loving attitude toward others. Relaxation, meditation, biofeedback and self-hypnosis are methods that can be used to reduce stress and to handle emotional “blow outs.”

There are many parts of the wellness continuum. Prioritizing the realms will help provide balance within your life. When a particular realm is neglected or over developed then imbalance can occur shifting the balance continuum, which could result in illness or disease.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed