Understanding Neuromuscular Efficiency

When we weight train we are influencing the efficiency of the neuromuscular junction. The brain and muscles coordinate the synaptic transmission increasing the strength of the muscle fibers. Exercise type and intensity will determine the improvement of the neuromuscular junction, this is known as Neuromuscular Efficiency.

Neuromuscular efficiency improves by two cellular factors; muscle fiber recruitment and rate coding.

During continuous tension on the muscle signals are being transmitted via the efferent and afferent nerves. When the intensity is greater than the threshold the nerves recruit more fibers to help with the stimulus. Greater strength is achieved when more fibers are recruited.

The other factor improving neuromuscular efficiency is rate coding. Rate coding is the synchronization impulse speed from the brain to the muscle fibers.  The faster the impulse the faster the muscle fibers can be activated or recruited to help with the stimulus. The more efficient that rate coding becomes the greater the muscle contraction.

Overall, the greater the neuromuscular efficiency the greater the strength. Whenever you start a new exercise program, neuromuscular efficiency is the first aspect that is developed and is responsible for the initial increase in strength.

Regular training will influence greater neuromuscular efficiency.

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by: Daryl Conant, M.Ed CSCS