Train Hard, Burn Fat, Look Great

As well as duration, intensity plays an important role in the efficiency fat-metabolism during exercise. In general, the percentage of energy contributed by fat diminishes as the intensity of exercise increases.

Fat can only be broken down in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen serves as the catalyst that enables proteins and enzymes of the body to burn fat during an exercise metabolism.

The heart and lungs can provide only so much oxygen– so fast. When muscle exertion is so great that the demand for energy outstrips the oxygen supply, the body cannot process oxygen fast enough. Therefore the body cannot burn fat. Instead, it reverts back to anaerobic metabolism and burns more glucose. This is present in weight training. However, the true benefit comes after weight training when you are resting. The oxygen supply in the muscle is high because of the work that was done anaerobically. The increase in oxygen also brings in more fat to the muscle. This thermogenic effect can last between 2-6 hours after a weight training session.

Exercise is only a metabolic booster. You will never gain muscle or lose fat in a gym. You gain muscle and lose fat after the workout session during the rest phase. I see time and time again people trying to lose all their weight in one month. They exercise for hours and never seem to make progress. These folks lack the ability to reason. I guess they think that they are made up differently than the rest of us and seem to be able to go against basic human physiology???? All I know is that they look the same today as they did 6 months ago. They lack the understanding of how to exercise, eat and REST to change their body. It is as if they are zombie’s staring into the abyss, empty, unconscious and vacant. I don’t know about you all but when I train hard I want to see the rewards. Train hard, train with short duration, eat and rest.  Train correctly and you will see unbelievable results. There is nothing more gratifying in the sport of bodybuilding to see the muscles get defined from the exercises. If I don’t see results I will invent ways to make the muscle fire off to get the effect I am looking for. Train with high intensity, burn sugar, then go home rest and burn up tons of fat. I love the thermogenic effect I get from training. When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I see the rewards from proper training, dieting and resting. I can see changes in my physique almost on a daily basis, it is fantastic. There is a formula to to looking great. I teach it every day at my gym. The Fitness Nut House.

Daryl Conant. M.Ed

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