5 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

Eat and enjoy yourself tomorrow. Here are my 5 ways to survive T-Day:  

1. Eat as much food as about the size of you hand.
2. Always eat protein first. This will keep sugar cravings down to a minimum.
3. Avoid mixing excessive amounts of starch with protein.
4. Avoid drinking a lot of liquid with the dinner. Ideally 4 oz. of water is plenty.
5. Have any dessert you want, but only eat enough to avoid an insulin reaction, which would be about a bite size equivalent to 1-2 tbsp. You can have another serving a couple hours later.

These 5 tricks will help keep your digestive system working optimally without being over taxed, reducing any digestive discomfort related to over eating and over junking.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Bon Appetite!!

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.