Great American Nutrition Fallacies:Wine, Coffee, dark chocolate

Drinking wine, coffee,  eating dark chocolate are healthy for you and everyone should consume these three items.

This is garbage. People are so gullible in believing that eating dark chocolate, drinking coffee, and drinking alcohol is healthy.  “But Daryl they are loaded with anti-oxidants and doctors recommend a little wine everyday.”  That is the argument I always get when I tell folks not to drink wine.  Let me clear this up for you.  There was a study in England a few years back that suggested a little red wine was good for reducing free radical production in the bloodstream.  After this study was done doctors all over the world agreed that red wine in small amounts consumed daily is beneficial.  Well there is truth to this, however, I don’t like it.  Yes! there is a small amount of anti-oxidants in the grapes that make up red wine.  And having a little will be alright.  But the amount of wine to be consumed is only a shot glass in size about 1 oz. of actual fluid.  Most people consume way more than this per drink. Drinking too much alcohol causes a person to become poisoned (buzzed, drunk), which taxes the liver.  Years of drinking will eventually cause more harm than good.  There are way more anti-oxidants in broccoli than red wine. Eat broccoli everyday for all of you anti-oxidants needs and forget about the wine.  

Another silly thing is eating dark chocolate to get your daily anti-oxidants. Dark chocolate, like wine, has some small amounts of anti-oxidants that are proven to help boost immunity.  However, the amount of dark chocolate necessary to receive this benefit is the equivalence of 1-hersey kiss.  Unfortunately, many people can’t eat just a small piece, they have to consume a handful or more.  Over consuming dark chocolate will cause digestion problems. And there is still sugar in the dark chocolate, so eating a ton will increase your blood sugar levels causing insulin to spike. 

Coffee is considered to be a mood altering drink. It helps boost energy in those folks that are tired.  The caffeine helps stimulate the sympathetic nervous system giving rise to increased energy. Unfortunately, this effect only lasts for a short duration. Once the caffeine clears the blood system, blood glucose levels are low. The person then resorts to another cup of caffeine to boost their energy again. This type of habitual cycle will cause the adrenal glands to get fried.  Coffee also produces high levels of cortisol. Cortisol is directly linked to an increase in abdominal and visceral fat.  Once the adrenal glands get fried the chances of losing abdominal fat is greatly reduced. 

Though these substances mentioned are not the most evil things to consume, if consumed only in moderation and in small amounts.  The problem is that most people over consume these addicting substances, and that is the problem.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed