Redirecting Conscious Though Patterns To Become a Better Human Bein

There is so much more in this world than what we see. Living life unconscious is the easy way out. The unconscious soul lives life in fear. They follow the herd mentality and will not stray for fear of being persecuted. Those that stray from the herd are the ones that pave the way into a new frontier of our existence. If these crusaders never challenged their own consciousness then we would still be primitive beings fending for ourselves like wild animals. However, their is always the resistance that accompanies a person that breaks from stalemate thinking. When someone is stricken with a sudden urge to go against the norm they are embarking on a journey of isolation and alienation. In order to break into a new frontier they must accept the fact that they can never go back to where they were in terms of conscious sleeping. When they awake they become beacons shedding new light on an old and stagnant existence. A shift in consciousness is a powerful thing. The more you become aware the harder it becomes to relate to vacant minds. The conscious soul does not hide behind a facade of commercialized hoopla created by unconscious minds that pacifies and brainwashes.

There is an old song that states, ” I was blind, now I see” is directly related to the awakening of the human spirit. I feel that we are all asleep until awoken, we are all bind until we see. Some people never wake up. Our reality system seems to be based on the majority of souls that are asleep. Those that are awake have to try to fit into a lost level of instability, knowing darn well that there is a greater meaning to life than what can be seen. Unfortunately, those that are awake might never get to experience the true life on Earth and have to wait to pass onto the next dimension to truly be free to release the inner power from within.

Developing greater universal intelligence is a continuous process for anyone willing to open up to it. Once you enter the higher realms you can never go back to being the ignorant, passive, soul just drifting around on Earth with no direction or passion. I feel that we all posses a greater sense of awareness and purpose. It all depends if you want to open up to a whole new way of thinking and redirecting conscious thought patterns to become a better being. Everyone on Earth has the opportunity to wake up before they die. Those that never awaken leave Earth giving nothing when they die. They are empty souls living in a shell suffering with their own existence. Those that are awake during their life never see the darkness of death and give more than they realize when they die. There is nothing more powerful than the memory of a bright light shining in time of darkness. Turn your light on and begin to realize your true potential.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed