The Purpose of The Human Being

I am sitting in my living room at 4:00 a.m., no television set on, nothing but silence and darkness. I am sitting here because my stupid dog is all nervous about something and is whining excessively.  So, I am here trying to calm him down.  As I sit here I think of the purpose of the human being.  Everyday most of us wake up and expect to be alive.  We take for granted that our heart will still be working. We tend to our business of daily life day in and day out without much thought about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Our main concern is to stay busy, eat, sleep and worry about how we look. Escaping into an unconscious society avoiding the real reality of our existence tends to be the theme these days.  I would have to say that 80-90 percent of America lives within a fear based operating system.  Just turn on the television and you will see what I mean.  The idea of having a faith belief system is dying out.  Many people have become believers in what they can only see right in front of them.  The idea of having a faith beyond the physical realm of existence is becoming just a story book tale.  The media has now become the new “God” and people are in fear of it.  The media controls the way we look, eat, sleep. The media dictates to us how we should act, behave and what we should believe in.  If you go against the media then you will be persecuted for your beliefs.  It seems that no one wants to take inventory of themselves and take the responsibility of delving into the greater levels of consciousness.   Many people are content with being just one or two generations above primitive man.  As a society we are not progressing we are actually regressing as a species.   We are not excelling into greater intellectual prowess, we are still fixated to the physiological needs of our existence.  How we look, how much can we bench, how fat my ass looks, how fake my boobs are, how pretty my face is, how much food we can eat, how much beer we can drink, how much sex can we have, how much money can we make, seems to be the interest.  People are not concerned about learning and staying disciplined to the real purpose of the human existence.  We just want to follow everyone else in a herd mentality– unconscious and physically oriented.  

My greatest passion in life is to study the human experience.  There are two parts of the human experience, the physical and the non-physical (spiritual I guess you could say).   

The Physical Realm is the most obvious and easiest to understand.  I believe that the human body has been designed into a tangible being for the purpose of collecting as much data as possible. We interpret information by touch, taste, hearing, seeing.   From the moment we are born our brain (the hard drive of the computer) gathers information.   Throughout life we are always learning more and more.   Through the aging process the brain can withstand a great amount of information.  Why do we need all of this information?  That is something I don’t know.  But I believe that the human experience is a purpose that must be respected.   

As a collective whole we are stuck in conscious stagnation.  We are not forging into greater levels of consciousness as a whole.  Society is “dumbed down” through the use of media control. Television could have been a great tool for creating more awareness and positivity.  Instead it is used as a way to keep people dumb.  We are only as smart as what is being presenting on television.  The physical realm is all about what we see, taste, feel, smell.  We gather information and then interpret it  into something we can understand.   The physical realm is a temporary process. Just think what life would be if we were all operating in a complete conscious operating system.  The world would be much different. It is what we learn and store into our human consciousness that we take into the non-physical realm.  Those that remain unconscious never wake up to the true reality of our existence.  

The non-physical realm is based solely on faith and ones own belief system.  For many folks the belief of life beyond the grave is non-existent.  I, however, believe that our purpose on Earth is a temporary stopping ground. To learn as much information as possible is the purpose and to become a greater entity than we realize. There is something about the concept of love and positivity.  These are beliefs that people posses that makes them bond to feelings of hope, security and everlasting togetherness.  The more negative and cynical our consciousness becomes the uglier the world becomes.  Follow the media and you will begin to see what is truly being projected into heads– negativity, atheistic beliefs, hatred, greed, fear.  These are beliefs that are poisoning the purity Earth.  The non-physical realm is deeper than we will ever know.   To understand the life beyond our physical existence one must  strive to achieve total consciousness. Total consciousness is a never ending quest that can only be achieved by those that believe in the  greater purpose of mankind.  The purpose of the human being is to learn as much as possible and to continue to  progress into greater levels of consciousness  preparing for the next stage universal life.  

Daryl Conant, M.Ed