More Answers To Emails Part 2

Here are some more great questions that I received to share with you all. JUST KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING!!!

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I am interested in switching from my family physican (medical doctor) to a chiropractor. I know very little about chiropractics but I do know their profession is broken down into “straights” and “mixers”. Which of these two chiropractors would benefit the healthy bodybuilder more? I don’t know all positives and negatives between the two types. I know that the mixers make up most of the chiropractic care in the country. The straights are more restricted in what they do. They follow the Palmer method and are concerned with strictly resolving subluxations. I grew up with severe ear problems and went to a straight chiropractor and my ears problems got better after about 2 years of treatments. So for what I needed personally the care I received was correct. I like the mixer philosophy in that they use many different methods to help resolve an issue and boost immunity. For what it is worth I feel that there would be more opportunities as a mixer than just a straight. The straights seem to be limited to what they can do.

Have you had any experiences with someone who practices C.R.A. (Contact Reflex Analysis) and do you think that is a good alternative to seeing a chiropractor? I don’t know a lot about C.R.A. . What I do know is that it is a grey area that still needs validation. Though I am intrigued about Dick A. Versendaal’s technique and findings. He claims many interesting ideas that I would like more validation on.

Eighty percent of diseases are due to allergy.

The two main causes of disease are gallbladder disease and staph infections.

People can only get fat from prostate and ovarian hormones going bad.

The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is poor blood.

The kidneys are controlled by the thyroid gland.

The uterus stores every hormone the body needs.

Doctors don’t know this: The most common cause of juvenile diabetes is parasites.

Yeast infections cause fibroids of the uterus and breast.

Most of the skin is made up of calcium (not protein).

The most common cause of chronic constipation is parasites. Constipation means that the lymphatics have dried up.

The heart rarely wears out unless you are born with a weak heart.

Subluxation of the ankle can cause a stiff neck.

Rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis) has three causes: too much calcium in the body, too little calcium in the body, and infection

I would like to know more about these claims. I don’t feel that Versendaal is too far off base. I still feel that even though we know a tremendous amount about the human body there is still a ton we don’t know. I wouldn’t down CRA I don’t know if I would use it to make a diagnosis. I think people get themselves into trouble when they base a test on reflex type principles. There have been noted cases of people performing reflex test and prescribing supplements to their patient. Only to have the patient develop an adverse effect from the over production of hormones due to the increase concentrations of the supplements. There needs to be some form of regulatory control and basis of diagnosis rather than just a reflex test, in my opinion. I hope that helps. Again I don’t know much about C.R.A. I would like to know more before actually make an opinion on it.

How young can a child be before you recommend having them workout with weights?

Ideally, a child can begin to exercise with weights around the age of 9-10. The idea is to teach them the proper mechanics of weight training. It is not important to lift heavy weights. The growth plates are still advancing and there is no need to place too much stress on them. Lifting too heavy of a weight can retard the growth patterns and cause a weaker joint complex. Also, at this young age the child’s endrocrine system is not advanced enough to sustain high concentrations of testosterone and growth hormone. So protein synthesis won’t be as high. This will begin to advance in ages 12-18. So for the younger child it is great to perform their own body weight exercises, i.e. push ups, squats without weights, broad jumping, sprinting, running, sit ups. Light weight training is great from developing proper body mechanics and helps to prepare the body for the next stage of maturation. Once the child mature’s to the age of 12-18 they can begin to lift moderately heavier. I still wouldn’t recommend de-conditioned kids or kids that have no prior weight training experience to lift really heavy this could result in injury to the connective tissue. It really comes down to controlling the stress load to the body. The more advanced the athlete is the more they can challenge their body. But they must also stay within the correct biomechanical laws of the body. The safe rule is to always lift between 55-85% maximum.

Besides illegal performance enhancing drugs, are there other products out there like over the counter medicines for illnesses that the natural bodybuilder should avoid taking prior to a contest? It regards to taking an over the counter medication for a cold or allergy that might be picked up as an ergogenic aid there really aren’t much that would cause an anabolic effect or diuretic effect that would not pass the testing process that I know of.

Will you be making another Vince Gironda exercise DVD any time soon? Actually I have been working hard on getting another DVD out. In fact, I have a professional video company working with me. It is a big production and will be worth the wait. I had to postpone working on it for about 6 months last year. I anticipate the release this summer. Stay tuned.

Who are your greatest influences in bodybuilding? My biggest influence in bodybuilding is obviously Vince Gironda. I really admire all the classic physiques of the past Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Vince, and a guy named Lou Dengi. These guys were not over the top with freaky muscle growth, they appeared more healthy and in great symmetry. If I was starting out with body building in present day I probably would not be doing it. Because I have no desire to look like the big bloated over developed bodybuilders of today. I like the influence of the healthy lifestyle that Vince and others believed in. I have adopted that influence in to my life and is what I teach to others. I don’t know of bodybuilders today that have type of influence on people like Reeves and Gironda did. Just another reason why their methods and philosophy has out lasted everyone else’s. There is something to be said of their methods. THEY WORK not just for the physical realm but also in a deeper more meaning sense.

Are there any dominate products out there on the market that promote “all natural” supplementation but really are not? Is Force Factor one of them? There are many supplements out there that claim to be all natural. The buyer just needs to do their own research on the product and read the ingredients. There are many natural sugars in these products. Sugar is sugar and too much of it will have adverse effects. Force Factor from what I know of is a fancy L-Arginine supplement. It probably is natural but you are probably paying more for it because of the name on the bottle. L-Arginine is a natural amino acid that is necessary for the growth of muscle tissue. It really comes down to price and hype. The more hyped up the product the more it will cost the consumer. Your best bet is to stick with the basic supplements, aminos, mulit-vits, digestive enzymes, glandulars, livers, etc. and to read the labels carefully to make sure that you are really getting what you are paying for, not just a fancy label with big claims. I am huge fan of supplements and will only stick with the basics. I don’t mess around with the commercialized garbage that promote phony claims. There are many great supplement sources out there.  Natural Source Products is one of the best companies because Ron Kosloff produces all natural items. He lives what he teaches and is all about naturalism. Companies like this is where you want to get your supplements. Because you know what you are getting is true and honest and real.


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