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t doesn’t take a genius to figure out the health care system. Yet those that are in charge are buffoons. The health care system is messed up due to the fact that most claims can be avoided. There is a definite need for medical care during crises (epidemic), life threatening events, child birth, and accidents. Yet, most cases that are brought to the hospital are based on issues that can be resolved by nutrition. Did you know that most Americans are consuming toxic chemicals into their body every day without even knowing it? These chemicals are very toxic causing people to get sick. When they get sick they go to the doctor. The doctor prescribes medications. It is the cycle of the health care system. Sick people make lots of money for companies. What would happen if people were actually healthy? There wouldn’t be money to be made. Why don’t we ever hear of the higher powers fighting for the right to serve natural healthy chemical free foods to the American people. Did you know that every 6 seconds someone becomes a Type 2 diabetic? This was unheard of 60 years ago. Now it is just excepted in our society. Did you know that depression, anxiety, common colds, the flu, fibromyalgia, some arthritis, digestive disorders, ADD, ADHD, are all manifested by consuming toxins. They can all be cured by proper nutrition. In fact, I believe that most illness and disease can be cured by proper nutrition depending on how advanced along the case is.

The problem of all Americans being sick is the crap that we are being fed. We are poisoning ourselves and then relying on drug companies to fix us when we get sick. We are feeding toxins with toxins- hmmm that is ingenius. HOw come the higher powers to be never mention that toxic build up of poisons in our bodies is a bad thing??? Why don’t they mention not to eat the crap that we are being served? Because they need the money and a way to control the number of people. In my new book DIET EARTH I discuss the origin of nutrition and how it has changed over the years. I have also discussed the poisons that we all ingest on a daily basis. I am not a radical I am just writing facts. Here is how the process works. If you consume just one of the toxins, that I discuss in my book, on a daily basis you will suffer from depression. There are more and more people suffering from depression every day than ever before. This is partly due to the fact that people are having a tough time making ends meet (fincancial) which is acceptable. However, most of all the other cases are related to poor dietary habits. When you go to the doctor, the doctor doesn’t sit down with and discuss your nutritional habits in detail. They just give you a pill and send you on your way. Little do they know that you will be consuming the same toxin because you will not change your food choices and you will continue to consume the culprit that started the depression. So now you are taking a drug to block the brains ability to work and are also consuming the original toxin that is making you sick. The drug didn’t do anything to wipe out the toxin. You will continue to get sick and your immune system will be beat up. Your liver will eventually develop problems because of the medication that you have been on for so long to keep your brain in balance. You will go to the doctor and they will give you another drug for your liver. This will last for a bit until you develop heart problems. You go back to the doctor and they give you another drug for your heart. Now you are taking a bunch of pills, destroying your immune system. You are doing all this and still are consuming the original toxin that you eat every day in your food. To stop the cycle all you had to do is remove the toxin. But now you are still taking in the toxin along with all the unnecessary drugs. However, most Americans just accept the idea of taking medications. They feel that this is normal and necessary. Yet this is the reason why the health care system is so out of whack. Ignorant people are consuming toxins on a regular basis that is making them sick and they go to the hospital driving up the medical costs that we all have to pay. THE PROBLEM WITH THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS THAT MOST HOSPITAL CASES CAN BE RESOLVED WITH HEALTHY NUTRITION. The more chemicals consumed the more hospital cases we have. Doesn’t anyone see this??? Most of the problems that exist in America are results of poor nutrition. Cancer has always been around yet it manifests faster with the help of toxic chemicals found in our foods.

Did you know that over the past 50 years that cancer research companies have made trillions and trillions of dollars for research and there has not been a cure. How much of the money actually went into the research of the toxins that we eat on a daily basis??? Cancer is big business. Why do we want to keep people from getting cancer because then drug companies wouldn’t make money and the hospitals would be empty. I have never heard of a research company come out and tell of the dangers of eating toxins and advocating putting all the money into raising organic nutrient dense foods chemical free. Cancers manifested in higher numbers once preservatives and artificial flavoring were developed. Isn’t that a coincidence???? The reason why people are getting sick is because of the poisons that we are all being influenced by. IF YOU HAVE A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM you can defend against most disease and illness. But only for so long. It is when your immune system is weakened that disease manifests.

Toxic chemicals that you eat can contribute to a weakened immune response. Folks I am not writing this stuff to scare anyone I am just stating the facts. I have done my own research and I cannot believe the government actually allows these toxins to be consumed by Americans. Who is watching out for us? Apparently, no one!!! We have to all be responsible for ourselves. What you eat could be killing you or making you sick. Think about this. You could have consumed a toxin when you 6 years old that has been in your body for forty years. Now you are 46 years old and are very ill. The immune system just can’t defend against the toxin anymore and it has now manifested into a full blown cancer. That toxin you ingested when you were 6 years old could have been the cause of your illness. That is how it works! It is scary to think of how much toxic consumption Americans do on a daily basis. NO wonder why the health care system is messed up.

Here is my solution: KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM RUNNING AS OPTIMALLY AS POSSIBLE WITH GOOD NUTRITION FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. When your immune system gets compromised in anyway then you are susceptible of developing illness or disease. There are ways to boost the immune system naturally.

In my new book Diet Earth I will be discussing in more detail the toxins I am talking about and ways to boost your immune system to help defend against some of diseases and illnesses that can are gaining in our society, due to poor nutrition. IF you are interested in this publication email me your name and I will put you on the list for first release.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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