The Best Back Exercise

If done correctly the pull up is the most effective way to build the back. I consider it the greatest exercise for developing the back. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to perform a pull up correctly. Doing them the correct way requires great strength. Here is how I do them.

Grab the bar a little more than shoulder width apart using a thumb over grip. The thumb over grip is better than the underhand grip because you use more of the lats than biceps. With thumbs over extend arms completely, bend your knees to keep your feet from touching the floor, look down toward the floor to start.  Now begin pulling yourself up, at this time you begin to look up toward the ceiling. Try keeping your arms as straight as possible without bending the elbows, just bring the chest up to meet the bar. When you can no longer raise any higher you then bend the arms and continue to move toward the bar. Try to touch your lower chest area to the bar. Now drop your elbows in toward the sides of the body, squeezing the back hard. Hold contraction. Your torso should be parallel to the floor with your head back. Release the elbows and come back down slowly. As you come back down look down toward the floor ending back at the starting position with arms fully extended.

This way of performing a pull up is very demanding and not everyone can do them. If you can do them like I described your back will grow to new heights. Give it a try.

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