My Dedication


–noun, plural -ties.

1. the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

2. faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.

3. an example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like: a man with fierce loyalties.


2. fealty, devotion, constancy. Loyalty, allegiance, fidelity all imply a sense of duty or of devoted attachment to something or someone. Loyalty connotes sentiment and the feeling of devotion that one holds for one’s country, creed, family, friends, etc. Allegiance applies particularly to a citizen’s duty to his or her country, or, by extension, one’s obligation to support a party, cause, leader, etc. Fidelity implies unwavering devotion and allegiance to a person, principle, etc.


1, 2. faithlessness.

Staying disciplined to your fitness regime for years and years is hard if you don’t have a goal or an inner conviction. Being faithful to your own belief system is important for the success of staying fit. Someone asked me once how do I stay committed to exercise for over twenty five years. What drives me is different than what might drive you, however, once you develop a strong inner conviction believing in what you are doing it is hard to break from it. For me it has never been about looking like a displaced, mutated, mammoth muscle bound freak. Though the physical realm is fun and important to some degree, the main reason why I train and stay disciplined to training is to resolve the inner struggles within my own self conscience. What I mean by this is that there are moments in my life that inspire me and force me to be the best I can be. As humans we are always faced with negative and positive forces that direct us into making the right or wrong decisions. This dualistic opposition is the driving force of our motivation. We are the ones that make the ultimate decision of what we choose in this world. I have chosen to live the true natural bodybuilding life at an early age. Once I commit to something that I believe in I will never let it go. My dedication and discipline to exercise and nutrition is just a symbolic reminder for all those people who have forged through all the negativity life has to offer and continues to remain a positive light for generations to see. I feel that we all have a certain responsibility to this earth and to future generations. Keeping fit and going through the pain of training is only a small donation of what I can give to pay homage to those that have given their life for the pursuit of positivity. It is very easy to give up on life and to sit around getting fat, diseased, cynical,and being negative. I consider these types of people a waste of human space. Unfortunately, negativity is becoming the norm in this world. It is harder and harder to find people who actually embrace the ideas of positivity, love, peace, good values, good morals and everlasting acceptance. Staying positive is much harder than being negative. The social consciousness of this world has shifted so far into the negative that I don’t think it will ever change.

In fact, it is going to get worse.

Every time I train I dedicate each session to those great men and women who have lived their life in accordance to the laws of positivity and love. Many of these great folks gave their life for what they believed in. Imagine giving up your life for the belief of love. That is pretty amazing. I want to say thank you to all of the great people past and present who have inspired me to be the best I can be and to continue to live for the betterment of mankind. It is our duty as humans to take inventory of our own selves and to respect this world and to respect the human experience for generations and generations.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed