What is Bodybuilding?

My definition of bodybuilding is this; Isolated segmental neural stimulation to produce a morphological effect. I once had someone tell me that I need to simplify and “dumb” down the way I write and talk, they tell me  “Most people don’t understand what you are saying.”  Well I am sorry if I cannot “dumb” down everything I write or say. The human body is a complicated and sophisticated machine, the terminology is not often easy to reduce into laymans terms. My methods and philosophy about training and changing the systems of the body are not of the “norm” mentality.  I train in the true sense of bodybuilding and I haven’t had the need to be apart of the sheep mentality of the unconscious exercise weekend warrior.  

There are many factors to increasing the size of muscle but there are two key factors to help muscle grow, 1. electrical current, 2. amino acid synthesis. Bodybuilding requires muscles to go through a series of electrical stimulation that will force the cellular machinery to respond to the stimulus in a positive way. The more action potentials that are fired from nerve to muscle the more efficient the contraction becomes and the greater the morphilogical effect is produced. The more isolated the neural stimulation the greater the morphilogical effect. The nervous system works inconjunction with the endrocrine system. There is a sensitivity among action potentials, muscle fiber contractibility, and hormone release. If any of these functions are overstimulated then the production of muscle work decreases. Bodybuilding exercises when performed in the correct isolated fashion will promote a higher concentration of segmental neural stimulation, this is very important. Performing exercises that use a variety of muscles to perform a particular movement will lessen the neural output to the target muscle. In addition, working many muscles at once will decrease hormone production. In addition, the influence of high catecholamine concentrations become higher with multi-joint, multi-muscle exercise. 

The idea of bodybuilding is to stimulate the target muscle with as much electrical power as possible, resting the area for 48 to 72 hours and then training  it again. The velocity force ratio is greater when the muscle goes through the  proper recuperation cycle. It is not worthwhile to try and work the target muscle everyday. This will only produce an overtraining effect and will actually weaken the neuromuscular stimulation process. 

Daryl Conant, M.Ed