Soak Your Nuts

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: SOAK YOUR NUTS

Are you having issues with too much intestinal gas, bloating, leaky gut, memory, joint pain, inflammation, body fat, or chronic fatigue? A cause to all of these symptoms could be a sensitivity to lectins. Lectins are not digestible in the body and can attach to and weaken cells.

Lectins are found mostly in plant-based foods; nuts, beans, lampshade veggies. I recommend for people that might be highly sensitive to lectins to soak the foods that are high in lectins. Beans, nuts, and sprouted grains should all be soaked to reduce their lectin amount. Veggies are the exception and should be steamed not soaked.

For nuts, soak them in warm water for 12 hours then dry them completely, and put them in the oven at 120 degrees for 5-10 minutes to lightly toast them. Beans should be soaked for much longer. Steam or lightly cook veggies.

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