How You Can Reduce The Effects of AGING

I often hear people say, “exercise is only for young people in their 20-40’s.” That is bogus! Everyone can and should exercise throughout their entire lifetime if they are physically able to. Here is how the process works.

From conception to about 25 years old human development is an anabolic state. Cell replication and tissue growth is at a fast rate. As the body grows and matures into the final stages, hormone production, fat metabolism, sugar metabolism and the regulatory systems are functioning optimally and very efficient.  During these years of human development the immune system is great at protecting the cells from inflammatory effects. You can eat poorly and push your body to the limits, and recover fast and maintain a good body weight and body composition. You also recovery from cuts, injuries, and illness faster than older generations. The immune system is powerful, especially during the developmental years.

After the age of 25, respectively, the body is complete in its building phase. All the hormones, organs, muscle cells, bones, reach their maximum growth. Now the body begins to go into a catabolic state. The body slowly begins to lose cells and its ability to regenerate them. Hormone production slowly decreases as well. This is the normal process of aging. Over time the older we become the more the immune system slows down its ability to defend against invaders and inflammatory agents. This is when disease, cancers, illness begin to take over. It takes longer to recovery from illness, cuts, broken bones, and weekend partying. Every ten years of life the body shifts further into catabolism. The skin loses its tightness, fat becomes stored and harder to burn, muscle cells atrophy and shut off, hormone concentrations and secretions decrease, bones loses calcium, the heart becomes weaker to pump blood, the artery walls become weaker and for some people clogged. A whole host of inflammatory processes develop. The end result is drug therapy. The older we get the more drugs are needed to combat against the weakening effects of the immune system. We now live on an artificial synthetic immune system. This is the aging process and a fact of life.

How can you reduce the effects of aging? The answer is with exercise and nutrition.

Catabolism is a natural process of life. The good news is that if you exercise and eat regularly you can actually slow down the aging effect. In fact, you can maintain and improve anabolic hormone concentrations and secretions, bone density, muscle cell activation, stroke volume, cardiac output, Vo2 capacity, and immunity from sticking with an exercise and eating the right way. Why some people age faster than other people is based on genetics and inflammatory practices. If a person continues to live a damaging lifestyle after they are fully developed and enter the catabolic state without changing their bad habits, they increase the inflammatory processes. They have damaged the systems of the body beyond repair. If you engage in activities and poor nutritional habits then you increase the effects of aging. For some they will never change and they end up developing early onset of disease.

In order to reduce the inflammatory processes you must make a total commitment to your health and nutrition. It is more important for the older generations (30,40,50,50,6070,80 year olds) to adhere to a sound exercise and nutrition program.

In my book “diet EARTH” I discuss this process in more detail. I also have exercises that everyone can perform to maintain their muscle and to help with burning off excess fat. Diet EARTH is all about how to reduce the inflammatory processes and how to improve your health from correct nutrition and exercise techniques. If you are interested in learning how to reduce the aging effects I recommend diet EARTH for everyone.

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Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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