Poor Ways to Lose Body Fat

Here are some poor ways for losing body fat. Things that don’t work.

•Running on a treadmill for more than 15-20 minutes is a huge waste of time. I teach people how to train effectively. If I felt that treadmills were important I would have 20 of them in my gym. Hence the reason why I only have a couple of them in my gym. I never use treadmills to get lean. I stay ripped 4% body fat year round from my training methods and diet. So many folks are simply wasting time messing around with stupid ways of training.

•Swimming in a pool (I never see Sprinter type bodies from swimming in pools) you will never produce fat loss results.

•Not Weight Training Correctly.

•Not Knowing How to Eat. NUTRITION is 85% of the equation. I see people all the time exercise like mad but don’t see the results they desire because their diet is poor.

•Not activating the thermogenic effect.

•Poor hormone levels (genetic, age, stress)

•Lack discipline

•Having no clue of how the body works. Its not about fancy machines and bells and whistles it all comes down to knowledge.

•Not using supplements.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.