The WORST breakfast foods

The WORST breakfast foods. 
* Orange Juice
* Most Cereals
* Bananas
* White enriched bleached (muffins of any kind)
* Pancakes
* Waffles
* Smoothies with fruit, skim milk, juices etc…
* Rice Cakes
* White Bread
* Fruit Cocktail
* Yogurt with sugar
* Coffee

Fruit sugar require little or no enzymatic reaction before absorption. Complex carbohydrates require enzymes such as salivary amylase, pancreatic amylase and maltose for digestion. What this means is that complex carbohydrates take longer to breakdown and absorb into the bloodstream. Simple sugar like Fruit sugar bypass enzymatic breakdown and enter into the bloodstream at a very fast rate. Once the blood sugar levels rise over 140 mg dL insulin is released to clear out the sugar. If a person exercises and has burned off glycogen stores within the muscle, some of the extra blood sugar will get absorbed by the muscle. If the muscles are not depleted of glycogen, then the extra sugar will get stored into fat cells. Nutrition doesn’t cause a person to “lose weight”, proper nutrition helps restore the proper nutrient synthesis to the systems of the body that are working at a high rate to keep up with the energy being displaced. Nutrients help support the metabolic processes of the body. Losing weight requires a shift in the metabolic processes of the body, usually increased by exercising muscle tissue to help create a thermogenic effect. In addition, losing weight doesn’t always mean a good thing. If a person “loses weight” they could be losing muscle tissue as opposed to losing fat. The important factor is knowing how much fat is being metabolized from fat cells while maintaining or increasing muscle activity. The best way to maintain body weight is to limit the intake of foods that cause a spike in insulin. All the foods that I mentioned have been researched and proven to cause insulin spikes within a very short time of ingestion.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.