The Boring Dreadmill

When I opened up my gym years ago I had a vision. I wanted to have a place where people could learn the truth about exercise and nutrition. Being a bodybuilder, I wanted to share the secrets of developing a good looking physique. Within my philosophy I go beyond the typical business model of what a fitness center should be. I used to work for the big gyms that housed 20-30 pieces of cardio equipment and some weight machines. I would work at these big warehouses of machinery and think to myself, “this is the wrong approach to getting people fit.” I would often hear the trainers tell the members, “you gotta do your CAH-DIO for 30-60 minutes then follow it up with the weight circuit for 3 sets of 10 reps.” This has always been the cookie cutter approach in most gyms across America. Most people who join a gym usually follows this approach because it is all they know. They feel comfortable knowing that they are doing the same thing that everyone else is doing regardless if it actually works or not.

I got out of the big box fitness scene years ago to teach people the correct way to exercise. I GET VERY ANNOYED WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE IGNORANT!!! If I hear one more person tell me that they need to have a room filled with 30-40 treadmills (dreadmills) in order to become a member of my gym, I am going to lose it!

As a gym owner I decided I had to have some pieces of cardiovascular machines. If I thought cardiovascular machines had a tremendous value I would have purchased 30 machines and opened up the doors to sell memberships for people to workout. Then I would have my monthly check sent to me in the Caribbean while I am on the beach enjoying life. I wouldn’t even have to be around I would just be making money off of suckers who paid money to walk indoors. Give me a break!!

True gym owners know that machines are only pacifiers for members. The true talent lies within the brain of the instructor. I have been training since I was 12 years old. Throughout all the years, I can honestly say that I have NEVER spent more than 15 minutes on a dreadmill, an elliptical machine, or a stationary bike. I have the attention span of Dory the fish. I get very bored with stationary machines. I get plenty of cardiovascular training from the way I train. By changing the methodic and the intensity of weight training I can blast my cardiovascular system. I find this to work best for me. If I ever needed to do extra cardiovascular work I would rather run outdoors, or do cross training (ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls) to boost my cardiorespiratory system.

Unfortunately, I am dealing with many folks that are so conditioned into believing that they will change their physique by running hours on a dreadmill. Here are some great ways to boost your cardiovascular system without having to spend hours on boring machines.

Circuit one:

Push ups to failure

30-40 alternating rope snaps

10 big arm snaps

Clean and Press to failure (12-15 reps)

Barbell Squats 20 reps

One Arm Romanian Deadlift 20 reps

Abdominal Bicycle

Circuit two:

Band Pulls 50 reps

Medicine ball squat rotations 20 reps each side

DB Lunges 12-15 reps

Jump rope 1 minute

Kettle Bell Swings 30 seconds

Dying Cockroach

These are cardio boosters complete each circuit three times. If you don’t feel that your heart rate increases doing these sequences then you are not human.

So let me ask you. Would you rather watch television walking on a stationary machine like a gerbal on a wheel, or boost your heart by doing something fun and challenges in unrestricted space. I like to have fun and be challenged. Watching television on a dreadmill has about as much appeal to me as getting a brazilian wax on my privates.

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Daryl Conant, M.Ed