One thing I have noticed in the gym is that people do not know how to concentrate. I don’t know if they don’t understand how the exercise is supposed to be or if they just don’t know how to concentrate properly.   It appears that there is no connection with the person and the exercise. It as if they are just moving weights around without having a clue of what the exercise is supposed to work. When I train I try to block everything out of my head. I only focus on the task at hand. I allow nothing to interfere with my training. Connecting the mind to the muscle tasks patience and practice. This connection cannot be taught, it is something that is intuitive from within your own person. This is the difference between people who look great and those that don’t see any results. I don’t care what exercise you do or how long you exercise for, you won’t see results unless you connect yourself to the exercise. You have to become the master of contraction. Meaning you have to take control of the exercise and not let the weight control you. You have to put every bit of energy and concentration into what you are doing to get results. I see too many people going through the motions, never challenging themselves and expecting to see results. Building muscle is an art and a science. To truly get the most out of both areas you have be totally committed to the task at hand. People who just go to the gym and push weights around are wasting time. If I don’t get the stimulation I desire with an exercise each time I train I will not continue doing that exercise. My programs are so accurate that I have saved people from wasting time. When I train someone 9 times out of 10 they will be transformed. The one person who doesn’t see results is the one who couldn’t follow the directions and lacked concentration. I have little tolerance for those that lack focus. Never lose the mind muscle connection. Work on the synapse and light up that muscle. Not knowing how to fire up a muscle will result in years of wasted effort. Exercising using cybex type machines makes one become lazy. The person has no connection because the machine does the exercise for them. I prefer good old fashioned free weights. They are the best.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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