What’s on Tap

Over the past few months I have been working on my latest publication Buff Daddy.  I am excited for its release.  The publishing process takes a little time so it won’t be in bookstore’s until Spring.  Buff Daddy is written for the family man who wants to have a great looking physique.  As a Dad I know the stress and responsibilities of running a business and a household. I believe that even through all the responsibilities a man can still look great and continue to bodybuild.  I have put together what I feel to be a system that works very well for developing muscle.  I will keep you posted on its release.

We are also finishing up the final stages of the InVINCEable video series.  This project has taken longer than I expected and I do apologize for the delay. I mentioned a few months ago that it would soon be released, but it got held up in production. So now I am as anxious of its release as you.  I will keep you posted on this as I get more information of its release.

I have just begun to work on THE ELITE BODYBUILDING SERIES.  I consider this to be a continuation of where Vince left off.  Vince developed the Master’s and Pro Series, which are fantastic.  But after years of doing them I have found that I needed to go to the next level.  So I am developing the ELITE BODYBUILDING SERIES.  I consider it the next level from the Pro series. It will be one of my best publications to date.  It will be for the experienced bodybuilder who wants to go to the next level in their training.  I plan on having this done by Summer.  I will keep you posted.

I am in the process of selling my AB SYSTEM.  I have been working the legalities out and will begin working on a video and instruction book as well as designing the special equipment that I have invented.

Over the past few months I have invented various pieces of equipment.  I haven’t told anyone about them because I wanted to test them first.  I have been using these new pieces and I have to say THEY FREAKING WORK!!! I have actually seen incredible changes.  I am so excited about this stuff!  I haven’t been able to share with you all because I want to protect myself and have some of the pieces patented.  I will be working on obtaining some provisional patents, and will keep you posted.  I have developed a new style bar that is so simple but so effective in building big beautiful biceps.  Another bar for developing great horseshoe triceps, another bar that is probably the most effective for building the back that I have ever come across.  I have developed a new piece of apparatus to blast the chest into new growth and I have invented an entire stand alone home gym– for the purest only….    I am very excited to share this with you all but I must protect myself first before releasing to the public.

Those are some of the projects I am currently working on.  It is going to be a busy year for me, but a very exciting one.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed