26 Ways Caffeine Makes You Fat

1. Caffeine raises cortisol levels. Cortisol triggers fat deposition especially in the belly.
2. High cortisol causes insulin-resistance.
3. Caffeine causes leptin resistance. Leptin is a hunger hormone when tampered with will result in obesity.
4. Caffeine affects sleep cycles. Disturbs circadian rhythms.
5. Caffeine provides “false energy” boost causing imbalance in serotonin levels.
6. Caffeine retards growth hormone levels. Reducing muscle growth and recoverability from strenuous exercise.
7. Caffeine from one cup of coffee can remain in bloodstream for 3-12 hours after ingesting, disrupting homeostasis patterns.
8. Caffeine increases catecholamine production. Increased stress hormones.
9. Caffeine is not the only toxin in coffee. There are over 700 volatile substances in coffee, including 200 acids and pesticides.
10. Caffeine promotes malnutrition. Rather than eating food for energy people will drink caffeine drinks causing nutritional deficiencies.
11. Caffeine causes magnesium deficiency. Lack of magnesium makes people fat.
12. Caffeine causes gas and destroy healthy digestive bacteria.
13. The vascular resistance which is part of the stress response of caffeine naturally reduces metabolic efficiency.
14.Caffeine damages your adrenal glands.
15. Constant caffeine intake causes adrenaline resistance. Natural adrenaline helps move fat out of fat cells to be metabolized. Adrenaline resistance means that the natural adrenalin release is inhibited, which results in fat cells to hold onto fat.
16. Caffeine cause DHEA deficiency. Natural DHEA is what gives you vitality, energy and optimism.
17. Caffeine suppresses melatonin production.
18. Caffeine activates a false “fight or flight response” which if occurs frequently enough can weaken the heart and artery walls.
19. Moderate caffeine intake can more than double the stress response, whether a person is a light or habitual user.
20. Caffeine causes depression. It overrides the central nervous system causing a depletion of Vitamin B.
21. Caffeine interferes with regular digestion.
22. Commercially grown coffee is heavily sprayed with poisons.
23. Caffeine drinks (i.e. Red Bull, sports drinks) affects children worse than adults, because the blood brain barrier is not fully developed and caffeine easily enters past the BBB.
24. Caffeine affects women much more than men (and yet about 75% of all human caffeine research has been done on men).
25. Animal experiments showed that coffee and tea decreased the availability of protein.
26. Caffeine, one of the main components of most soft drinks, is a drug. It dehydrates. 

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