Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: 
Back in the 1980’s the average attention span of people was 30 minutes. That is why most television shows were only 30 minutes in duration. In 2016 the average attention span is 9 SECONDS.
This is because of technology, especially with smartphones is making the brain work in a fast segmental process. Social media is the rage among the world. Keeping in touch with so many people is a large task. So in order to keep up with all the information only fragmented sentences are used. Abbreviations and short inscriptions are written. Some applications force people to only use so many characters (twitter) so a person has to be clever in what they write.
People are becoming socially attention deficit (SAD) and are unable to carry on long conversations with others. The frontal lobe is responsible for attention. Through fast paced short interval reading and writing the frontal lobe doesn’t get enough exercise to enhance it’s development of a greater attention span. Reading books or watching intelligent programming for 30-60 minutes helps exercise the frontal lobe making it more apt to hold attention longer.
To help regain a longer attention span I recommend the following:
1. Meditate,
2. Spend time in nature (no technology whatsoever),
3. Lose yourself in something you enjoy that engages your brain and body without using any technology (computers, cell phones, etc.),
4. Read books (actual books that you hold, not the books on computers, or ipads).
5. Spend time with your family,
6. Walk a dog.
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