There is No Greater Feeling

There is no greater feeling than you get from exercise. I absolutely love the rush I get from training. Anyone who has experienced this “high” knows what I am talking about. When I train I transcend into a higher level of consciousness that you can only get through intense training. The endorphin and enkephalin rush is phenomenal. I remember when I started training in my childhood home at the age of 12. I worked out hard then layed on the floor after I finished. I felt like I was floating in space. I can’t describe the sensation, all I know was that it was a great feeling. When I train hard I can transcend into this state of consciousness. For me it has never been about getting huge or having an over inflated ego. It is all about developing new ways to enlighten consciousness. It is easy to exercise in an unconscious state. This type of training is boring for me and serves no purpose. I have to have a purpose in order to stay motivated. I don’t fall into the gerbil on the wheel mentality. Knowing how the muscles work and totally focusing on every fiber brings new blood to the area and builds more muscle. To think that a person can totally transform themselves by lifting weights is remarkable. It is as we are changing our destiny in a way. I was not supposed to look the way I do according to my original DNA blueprint. An average build with no definition and possible fat around my waste was probably in the original plan. However, by exercising and building muscle I have altered my DNA into a different pattern. This type of DNA restructuring can help obese families become less obese. If you have two obese parents and they exercised regularly before you born. The chances of you becoming obese is still high, however, you wouldn’t be as big as your parents because the genes would get past down. If they were exercising regularly they could have altered their own DNA to reduce fat. Now if you exercise regularly and you have children your kids would be less fat and the DNA structure would be changed once again. If this continued from generation to generation then the obesity gene could be removed from the DNA blueprint. So even if you think you are not doing anything or seeing results and are a future parent. I say keep up the exercise because what you do today will effect the generations to come.

Sorry for getting off on a tangent but I figured I would share a cool process of our DNA make up. Now getting back to how exercise makes you feel great. I must say that bodybuilding has changed my life. I couldn’t imagine living without working out. I think of all the years I have trained and can honestly say that there is no greater feeling physically than to get the “rush” from an intense workout. I hope that you all get to experience this so that you can create a higher level of consciousness within your own self. Striving for higher consciousness is what it is all about. I feel that Americans have become complacent in their development. The intellectual level of society is still operating in a primal operating system. There really hasn’t been too many significant strides made in human consciousness over the past hundred or so years. In fact, I believe that society as a whole has digressed into a lower intelligent life form. For me exercise is one of the tools to unlocking higher meaning and purpose in life. I feel most alive when blood is pumping in the body and oxygen saturation is high. This increase in oxygen levels feeds the brain which producing greater neuronal output. The more neurons you activate the more you “see”. There is nothing like it…

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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