Staying Motivated

The hardest part of an exercise program is staying motivated. If you don’t absolutely love exercise and can’t wait to train each day then you will have a tough time succeeding. How do you stay motivated? You have to find something that creates the spark within you to want to continue to exercise. For me I get motivated by inventing new exercises. I like it when I develop something that I feel is a better way to work a particular muscle. Since I have been training for so long, many of the common exercises don’t stimulate my muscles like they once did. I have to constantly figure new ways to stimulate the muscles to grow. Once I hit adaptation I immediately change up the exercise. This is very important. I also stay motivated by thinking of how I want to make the muscle look. I like to challenge myself to see just how far I can take my body. The reward is what I get from how I look and feel. It is really neat to see my body change almost over night. When I invent a new exercise and then to see the muscle change from it is motivating to me. I constantly change my methodics and train outside the norm. Vince Gironda taught me to challenge everything. I have performed over a thousand different programs that I have tweaked and developed into my own. I am never satisfied with doing the same ole same ole. If I was limited to only a few exercises then I don’t think I would be as successful in bodybuilding. I would have quit years ago. Once you become an advanced exerciser enthusiast you have to search for new ways to keep challenging the body. For me building new equipment for new exercises is what sparks my interest and motivation. Sometimes I will be staring off into the abyss (which really bugs my wife, because she is usually talking to me about something) thinking of a new way to work triceps. I will be planning and building a new piece of equipment in my head. It is great when it actually gets built and I get to use it. It is great to re-stimulate a stubborn area.

The key to fitness success is staying motivated. You have to find your niche that will keep you going back day in and day out. If you ride the perpetual wheel and do the same ole same ole then you will fail. Because you will become bored and will not see results. You have to constantly find new ways to stimulate the muscle to grow. It is all about staying one step ahead of adaptation. I love bodybuilding and that is what motivates me.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed