Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day: 
It is well established that repeated stress (distress) leads to illness and disease. Tension caused by stress causes the systems of the body to become constricted. Constriction restricts blood, oxygen, and nutrient exchange starving the vital organs. A great NATURAL WAY of alleviating the ill effects of stress is to LAUGH. Laughter is a sound of joy. There is an actual positive physiological effect that occurs in the body when H and K sounds are made, such as HI, HAH, KAH, and KOO when laughing . These sounds stimulate the glandular system. They are produced by tightening the abdominal muscles and forcing the breath against the roof of the mouth, thereby creating strong vibrations in the adrenal, thymus, pituitary, and pinal gland. We conceptualize laughter as a repetition of “h” sounds such as ho-ho-ho- or he-he-he.
Belly-laughing throughout the day and NOT TAKING life so serious will do WONDERS for your sanity and health. Try to fill your mind with positive, wonderful, beautiful thoughts and make a joyful noise.
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