The Robert Torres / VInce Gironda Video

I just received the Robert Torres / Vince Gironda Video and it is AWESOME!!! It is an amazing piece of history and it’s like Vince has been resurrected. I can’t stop watching it. Thank you so much Robert for sharing this with us. I also received the exact replica of the handle that Robert and Vince use in the Racing Dive Row. I will post another segment of the Vince’s Gym Training Series soon to show you the awesome handle. Robert’s Video combined with my own Vince’s Gym Video Series, is probably the BEST collection of Vince’s exercise demonstrations on the PLANET. Robert’s video is phenomenal and you will be transfixed to the screen. There are many exercises that Vince shows Robert. Vince had so many exercises and they couldn’t do every one of them in the video. What they couldln’t record I have on my videos. THESE VIDEOS and Roberts re-creation of the handles is going to bring Vince’s memory back into the forefront of the collective conscious of natural bodybuilding…….

To order the Robert Torres/ Vince Gironda video:  email my friend Robert at;

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Daryl Conant, M.ED.