Meat causes Heart Attacks! Give me a Break

It’s not the meat that causes heart problems, it the combination of mixing starch with the meat. The old concept that all meat must be served with a potato or pasta is dietary hoopla. When a person goes to their doctor and the doctor tells the person, ” you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I want you to stop eating red meat, and eggs. Because these two foods are causing this condition in you body.” NEVER does a doctor recommend to the patient, that you shouldn’t mix a complex starchy carbohydrate with a complex protein. It’s not the red meat and eggs that is causing problems to the cardiovascular system, it is the stress of the digestive system trying to breakdown two dehydrating compounds. The body has a tough time breaking these two food types down and THIS is what cause more strain on the cardiovascular system. So remove the pototo and pasta from the plate when eating meat. Instead eat a big live organic raw salad. Salad is complementary to meat and helps with digestion because vegetables hold water and the extra water will aid in hydration levels of the digestive system during protein breakdown.  

The only thing I will agree with is that meat that has been tampered with and is filled with antibiotics, steroids, cement and other unnatural man made crap is linked to many health problems. I don’t eat this type of meat.  I only eat the best lean cuts of grass fed organic meat. Eggs, red meat , raw milk, real honey are the staple of a bodybuilder’s diet. I have been eating these foods just about every day for over 30 years witih no health problems whatsoever.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.