Eat to Activate

The more you exercise the more you have to eat. The idea of eating less and exercising more to lose weight is ridiculous. This concept doesn’t work. In fact, people that exercise extensively and eat small amounts of food go into acute catabolism. Over time this can become chronic. If you are constantly in a state of catabolism you increase the risk of inflammatory processes in the body. Someone asked me once how come I only exercise for 30 minutes a day. I told them that the amount of exercise I do and the intensity that I use depends on the recovery stage. I eat a lot of food during the day to match my breakdown factors. I would have to eat much more if I exercised more. As a natural bodybuilder it is hard to maintain large amounts of muscle mass because it is hard to maintain the protein requirement. This is why steroid users have it easy. They can eat large amounts of all types of food and grow lots of muscle. This is because the anabolic drug forces the alpha and beta receptors of the muscle cells to stay activate almost all day. This causes high protein synthesis. With us natural guys, protein synthesis is short lived. There is only a small opportunity to get protein back into the muscle cell after exercise. During the entire day protein synthesis on average lasts about 2-3 hours. Where as for pro hormone and steroid users protein synthesis last 20-24 hours a day, depending on the amount and type of drug taken. This is why these freaks have so much muscle. Unfortunately, they have to suffer the side effects. High blood pressure, loss of natural occurring anabolic hormones, cancer, diabetes, strokes, hair loss, rage, depression, suicidal, acne, gigantism growth factors (bone grows abnormally), cro-magnum looking characteristics.

So as you can see protein synthesis doesn’t last too long when it comes to repairing muscle tissue in a natural body. So it doesn’t make sense to over train, you won’t have enough protein to repair the tissue. The more you train the more you tear down. Unless you are taking large amounts of anabolic agents you just won’t be able to repair the tissue quick enough to have it ready for the next bout of exercise. Another factor is hormones. Proteins are driven in the cell by a series of enzymatic reactions fueled by hormones.  The natural body only has so much internal anabolic hormones to work with. When the secretions are used beyond the normal amounts then you increase the output of catecholamines and neurotransmitters into the bloodstream, which in turn turn off protein synthesis. Cortisol is the major contributing inhibitory factor in cellular permeability. The more cortisol you release the less protein, fat, and sugar you metabolize through the muscle.

I believe that weight training sessions should only be 20-30 minutes long. I went to a club one time and observed a class called ” Body Pump.” It is a group weight training class. It is 60 minutes of all out weight training. This type of class is too long for the natural person because it is taxes the central nervous system too much. The motor units begin to lose synaptic transmissions after 30 minutes of intense training. However, people feel that if they exercise for 60-90 minutes that they will have superior fitness and are in “shape” and lose tons of fat. This is a foolish way of thinking. They also feel that if they exercise for this long that they are getting their money’s worth. This too is bogus! The key is to train smart. I get much more benefit in 15-30 minutes of exercise than I would ever get in a 60 minutes body pump class. It’s basic common sense. Many fitness centers only care about making money by appeasing to the masses and giving them classes that last 60-90 minutes long. Time doesn’t matter, the quality of the exercise does. So many people are over training. The instructors of these classes lack the knowledge of human physiology. I teach classes but they comply to my physiological philosophies. I teach what I preach. There is no way that a person who is performing 500-1000 reps per muscle group in an hour long class will be able to take in the correct amount of protein, fat, cholesterol, sugar, and other essential vital nutrients to repair their muscles. This only influences catabolism. Yet we live in a “more is better” society. Whatever!!!

The bottom line is: the more you exercise the more you need to eat. There is a fine line between staying in an anabolic state vs. a catabolic state. In my observations I would say that the majority of folks live in an acute catabolic state. For those of you that would like to learn more about nutrition and physiology. I am finishing up my second book entitled; DIET EARTH: Nutrition for the Conscious Human. It is in the final stage of editing and should be published soon. Stay tuned!!!

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