24 Good Reasons Why you may need vitamin and mineral supplements The Final Word

Buy only, hypoallergenic supplements, products without chemical additives artificial colors and sweeteners or other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

In general, the following supplements are recommended to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

• Vitamins and minerals: The basis for energy production, strong immunity and general well being. A high quality, multiple vitamin and mineral supplement helps protect you from dietary deficiencies.

• Protein powder blends: The formulations, taken as drinks, offer a highly assimiable balanced mixture of all the amino acids comprising protein. Use products with complementary co-factors and co-enzymes for increased utilization

• Anti-oxidants: Strenuous exercise unleashes a complex chain of biochemical events inside the body that contributes to free radical formation. Free-radicals are highly unstable, reactive molecular fragments that can damage protein, cellular membranes and components and trigger muscle pains, cramps and other exercise induced symptoms.

Such effects are noticed mostly by beginners. Ability to deal with the effects of free-radicals appears to improve with continued exercise. Over the long term, effects are not quite clear, although free-radicals are associated with the aging process.

Vitamins A, C, E and selenium are known to help protect the body from free-radicals. Be sure to eat foods high in these nutrients. Nutritional technology gives you further support with special anti-oxidant formulations.

• New technological supplements. Each year new supplements are being produced. Learn as much as possible about supplements and choose the best ones for you. Remember to consult a physician before taking a supplment.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed